Logistics through the eyes of students

Friday, June 4, 2021 - 09:03
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Logistics is a broad field of employment that encompasses many different skills and tasks.

LogisticsLogisticians are responsible for analysing and organising a company’s supply chain. For this reason, work in the field of logistics is often framed in the wider category of supply chain management (SCM) work. As every company has some sort of supply chain, this is an incredibly large and diverse field of employment that presents a lot of different opportunities, and it is a lucrative career for students to consider. Students considering their career possibilities after their education may find themselves with questions about SCM and logistics, and whether it is right for them.

From student to logistician

The path to becoming a logistical supply chain manager can begin as early as school. Students who feel that they have a knack for analysing and coordinating chains of supply can focus their studies towards achieving this career goal. The best way to start is by signing up for classes that offer a lesson in the world of business, such as economics or business management. Learning about the basics of acquisition and product supply early in your education is a great way of assessing logistics as a future profession for students.

The students who find themselves naturally predisposed towards supply chain analysis and control should consider pursuing higher education in the world of business management. There are many university courses that give students the understanding and skills necessary for becoming an efficient logistician. The first step in getting this education is knowing how to apply to the right college and explain in your personal statement what kind of education you hope to receive from your teacher.

In such a personal statement, you should outline your interest in supply chain management. Students beginning their statement writing process can consult resources to help write my personal statement, which makes it a lot easier to explain your interest in studying business and supply chain management. With a strong enough personal statement in hand, you can get into a business course that will set you up for the profession of logistician in the future.

The specifics of logistics

The exact skills and processes involved in the work of a logistician are important for students to understand when considering this as a career option. The work of a logistician typically includes the following activities:

  • Managing the acquisition and supply of products
  • Hiring third parties to assist in the supply of products
  • Developing business relations
  • Dealing with suppliers and clients and getting to know the needs of each
  • Analysing the effectiveness of the supply chain
  • Auditing the supply chain to improve the effectiveness
  • Budget management

These tasks require a great degree of oversight and attention to detail. Supply chain management is a particularly suitable career path for those with a strong penchant for organisation. Logisticians often have to manage large orders across several steps of the supply chain, meaning they will end up dealing with a great number of people along the way. As such, possessing great people skills is an invaluable asset for becoming a successful logistician. Studying business and practising the development of business relationships is an essential skill for students to acquire should they hope to go into the field of logistics.

The pros of logistics

The main pros in entering the field of logistics are the wide variety of career opportunities and the often lucrative salaries they come with. Every business needs some kind of logistical manager, meaning that those trained in supply chain management can typically work for just about every company. There is a lot of freedom to change career direction with this kind of experience under your belt.

All students looking to find their niche in the world of business and supply chain management should consider a career as a logistician and avail of the endless opportunities this field presents!


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