Supply Chain

Why the global supply chain mess is getting...

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A view from across the ‘pond’: The Federal Covid-19 response in the U.S. has resulted in a series of damaging domino effects that has left

Russian and Ukrainian Flags

Ukraine & supply chain

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US pledges to ramp-up liquefied natural gas imports to EU; Poland cuts energy imports from Russia; sunflower oil shortage fuels palm oil ESG concerns Ukraine

BIFA welcomes HMRC’s increased communicat...

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Commenting on the recent HMRC announcement that it would be communicating with all companies involved in international trade on the most significant changes in the

People in PPE in Shenzhen

Hair-trigger China lockdowns are hurting su...

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A project44 report decries damaging effect on supply chains of China’s zero-tolerance Covid approach, after 60 cases shuts down manufacturing centre Shenzhen China’s zero tolerance

Green Fleet

2022: the year of the greener supply chain

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The boom in e-commerce throughout the pandemic has significantly increased the environmental impact of businesses supply chains. Recent research found that 34% of retailers experienced

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Making the most of supplier information to ...

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What was once “nice to have” information has been defined by law. As social and environmental concerns grow, governments and related third parties are demanding,

European Toll Road

EU new tolling rules give ‘big incentives...

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EU member states have until 2023 to implement a new system of road tolls which give big incentives for zero-emissions trucks after MEPs voted to

Scanning a parcel

Future proofing home delivery in an uncerta...

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A customer’s ability to summon a single avocado to the door within 15 minutes with a single swipe of a grocery app may appear to

UK road freight prices 15% up on start of 2...

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Industry index reveals 2022 began with higher road freight prices than the previous three Januarys. As rising interest rates and inflation bite, logistics industry experts


Work begins at £47m LOC8 Logistics Busines...

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A ground breaking event has taken place today to celebrate work starting at LOC8, a £47m new mixed use business park on the Ashford Road