System integration to drive contract hire and leasing company efficiencies

Monday, August 12, 2019 - 09:06
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James Nash, managing director, vGroup International

Contract hire and leasing companies are set to benefit from enhancements in vehicle accessory pack ordering as a result of further development of vGroup International’s vLink online ordering platform.

vGroup International, the UK’s leading provider of motor accessory essentials, is driving efficiencies by fully automating the ordering of accessories at the time a vehicle order is placed.

Fast-expanding vGroup International counts the majority of the UK’s major contract hire and leasing companies among its customers.

Until now contract hire and leasing companies would order vehicles via the appropriate supplying dealer. The dealer would then separately – following receipt of an accessory order sometimes received manually – order accessories such as number plates, car mats and other items requested by fleets that might include boot protectors, safety kits, first aid kits, travel kits and weather-related kits as well as ‘welcome’ and driver information packs, which could result in errors being made.

But with enhanced automation, vGroup International believes the benefits of online accessory, ‘welcome’ pack and driver information pack order placement at the time of vehicle ordering will deliver a range of significant enhancements to contract hire and leasing companies and their end-user fleet customers.

Those benefits include:

  • Confidence that the correct vehicle accessories have been ordered first time potentially resulting in an increase in order volume and the elimination of costly errors
  • Confidence that the inclusion in vehicles of safety packs and driver handover packs as required by end-user fleet customers are met
  • Consistent contract hire and leasing company branding on packs.

Additionally, vGroup International believes that the online ordering development will trigger a rise in the volume of vehicle accessories requested by customers.

Alphabet (GB) Limited has been one of the contract hire and leasing companies piloting the enhancement, which is being rolled out to other leasing companies.

Glyn Watkin, Alphabet (GB) Limited’s head of sourcing, said: “For Alphabet and our customers, the new vLink online ordering platform has been a positive development which integrates with and complements our existing vehicle order to delivery processes.

“The ‘welcome pack’ in the vehicle is an important customer touchpoint from both a branding and operational perspective, so it’s vital it’s right first time, every time.

“Alphabet’s customer base is a complex and diverse mix of SME, corporate and public sector organisations with a broad range of specific, individual requirements, so the new vLink automation significantly reduces the risk of human error and the wrong ‘welcome pack’ being received by the driver.

“Following a successful six-month trial of vLink we’ve seen enhanced levels of customer satisfaction and reduced levels of manual intervention, so it’s been a real win-win innovation.”

James Nash, managing director, vGroup International, said: “We are focused on utilising sophisticated online ordering platforms as much as possible to eliminate manual processes.

“Whether a vehicle is ordered from stock or is built to order, instead of previously ordering accessories manually a leasing company can attach the order to the vehicle order so the process is co-ordinated, simplified for contract hire and leasing companies and dealers and efficient for fleet customers.

“Uniting our resources, experience and knowledge enables contract hire and leasing companies to deliver branded safety communications and higher turnover opportunities.

Technology is changing the way vehicles and accessories are ordered and at the click of a button, the entire vehicle and accessory ordering process is seamless.”

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