Electric Vehicles

Used Electric Vehicle Best Buys Named

Jul 11, 2017Comments off

Consumer interest in electric vehicles is soaring. The market for alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) saw a record market share of 4.4% in June with more

The UK’s Ability To Charge Electric Vehic...

Jul 07, 2017Comments off

The last week has seen an explosion of news items about increasing numbers of electric vehicles (EVs), including France banning petrol and diesel cars by

Ebbon-Dacs Enhances Its Capabilities Soluti...

Jul 04, 2017Comments off

Ebbon-Dacs has enhanced the capabilities of its market-leading electronic vehicle delivery and collection solutions, moDel and moDel-VM, so that they can now be used on

Jaguar I-Pace – The Future Of Electri...

Mar 15, 2017Comments off

Jaguar has unleashed its first electric vehicle – the Jaguar I-PACE.

NASA engineer brought on to work on Uber...

Feb 07, 2017Comments off

When Uber first announced that it was looking into flying cars, I was skeptical that the idea was little more than a very expensive pipe

Hitachi And Honda Sign Up For Joint Electri...

Feb 07, 2017Comments off

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd., and Honda Motor Co., Ltd., today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding

UK Measures For RTFO Not Fit For Purpose Wa...

Jan 26, 2017Comments off

UK measures for renewable transport fuel supply levels (RTFO) are not fit-for-purpose to meet demanding emission reduction targets warns Gasrec

Need A Flux Capacitor? Euro Car Parts Help...

Jan 20, 2017Comments off

Research from Go Ultra Low predicts that, by 2040, there may be no traditional diesel or petrol engines in Europe

ACFO To Host Fleet Industry Summit On Advis...

Jan 17, 2017Comments off

ACFO has been campaigning for Advisory Fuel Rates for plug-in cars for many years and will now provide HMRC with data

Volkswagen Group Invests In Hubject, The Le...

Dec 16, 2016Comments off

The Volkswagen Group is joining the eRoaming platform Hubject GmbH as shareholder.

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