Verilocation Launches Live Streaming System

Monday, October 9, 2017 - 13:20
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Vehicle tracking solutions company Verilocation, part of the Isotrak Group, has brought to market its latest camera solution, the VL5500. With 360-degreecamera coverage of the vehicle and live streaming capability, the VL5500 is specifically designed for fleets looking for a managed service vehicle video surveillance solution.

Developed to support fleet owners and managers when it comes to insurance claims and encouraging safe driving styles, the live streaming capability of the VL5500 also enables remote interrogation of the cameras to access event footage from the on-board hard drives, whilst the vehicles are still out on the road.  Using this footage to monitor and manage these incidents, in combination with a tailored education and training programme is a proactive and solution-driven approach to improving road safety.

Verilocation CEO Andrew Overton says: “The VL5500 offers a welcome solution for fleet managers and owners in evidence-based health and safety cases, where HD captured footage can be used to exonerate their drivers against instances such as pre-meditated staged incidents, false or exaggerated whiplash claims, conflicting reports of actual events, lack of witnesses and driving offence allegations.”

Unlike other systems that can join video imagery to produce a 360-degree image, the Verilocation VL5500 is a multiple camera system that enables 360-degree coverage. It supports up to 24 channels and offers complete visibility both in and outside the vehicle and is coupled with sensitive GPS positioning technology. On board is a powerful and reliable hard drive, enabling local playback and analysis that offers up to three months’ worth of footage storage.

Key features of the Verilocation VL5500 camera system include:

•  Modular design enables easy maintenance

•  Revolutionary anti-vibration technology for 360° installation

•  Supports up to 24 channels

•  Up to 2TB of hard drive storage

•  Dual streams for local recording and wireless transmission

•  GPS location tracking

•  Built-in 3G/4G for live view and remote monitoring

•  Internal WIFI supported

•  Supports 24-hour single-file recording mode

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