Cyclists guarded enough despite death rise, insist TWO-THIRDS of drivers

Friday, December 13, 2013 - 14:00
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RISE: Is enough being done to protect cyclists?

Almost two-thirds of motorists believe enough is being done to keep cyclists safe on the roads, despite the rising death rate.

A poll by Motorpoint revealed 60.5% of drivers do not believe they should change the way they drive, even though six cyclists were killed in London last month.

The unprecedented number of deaths in the capital led to 1,000 cyclists staging a ‘Die-In’ on the road outside the Transport for London offices this month.

This coincided with the launch by the Metropolitan Police of Operation Safeway, which has seen traffic officers patrolling London’s busiest road junctions during rush hour.

Mark Carpenter, Managing Director of Motorpoint, said: “We were a little surprised at the results of the survey given the high number of people who die or are injured every year in this country.

“Our poll highlights the need for greater debate about cars and cyclists and what more can be done to ensure they can co-exist safely on British roads both now and in the future.

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  1. by far the worst offenders are the cyclists, they obey no rules and virtually never indicate their intentions. Most of them have never had any training and cycle with gay abandon on the roads

  2. “Cyclists would prefer other vehicles not to be allowed on the roads”, “I witness on a daily basis how cyclists behave”. As a motorist and keen cyclist I think it’s worrying the way that so many motorists lump all cyclists together.

    Every day we all see motorists speeding, jumping lights, cutting in, tail-gating, driving defective vehicles, stopping in yellow box junctions, and so on. We might even be guilty ourselves. But funnily enough, we don’t tar all motorists with the same brush.

    A cyclist is a fellow human being. Treat him or her with the same respect and care you would want for yourself.

    Oh, and while I’m on the subject of motorists’ misdemeanors, that green box at some red lights with a bike painted in it is for cyclists to get in front of, and be seen, by motorists. It’s not for motorists to get a head-start on other traffic.

  3. Clearly all drivers will avoid an accident if possible, however it is a sad fact of life that most city cyclists dice with death by recklessly undercutting cars, cycling the wrong side of bollards, jumping red lights, cycling on pavements and generally attempting to make greater progress at the risk of their and others health.

    I saw one cyclist knocked off as they undertook a car that was indicating and turned left. Happily they were not badly injured, however they were very abusive to the car driver, blaming them. If he had only a slightest knowledge of the Highway Code they would know they had performed an absolute No No and they were 100% in the wrong.

    Cyclists would prefer other vehicles not to be allowed on the roads, however they are allowed and it is time cyclists drove with more respect for others to save themselves.

  4. Being a driver in London I witness on a daily basis how cyclists behave – undertaking on corner – or anywhere in fact, moving through traffic at traffic lights and then going through the red light, and then they try to blame the driver if something goes wrong. They re constantly being told that lorries cannot see them but they don’t seem to take this into consideration.

    I think perhaps it is time they had to have insurance to be on the road.

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