Mark Carpenter

Illegally-parking school run parents should...

Feb 07, 2014Comments off

Study finds 86% of drivers agree with council trials using cameras to snap parents stopping on yellow or zigzag lines

‘Highway robbery’: Limit car pa...

Jan 21, 2014Comments off

'Aggressive' and 'over-zealous' policies must be stopped, motorists insist, as councils make £600MILLION parking profit

Ford revealed as most popular Motorpoint ma...

Jan 17, 2014Comments off

Fiesta was the most popular model, selling 20% more than second-placed Focus

Tax disc scrap welcomed by drivers, survey ...

Jan 07, 2014Comments off

Two-thirds of drivers back George Osborne’s decision to axe the disc after more than 90years

Cyclists guarded enough despite death rise,...

Dec 13, 2013Comments off

Surprise poll shows 60.5% of motorists do not believe they should change the way they drive to suit cyclists

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