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Tribunal rules that ULEZ signs unlawful

Thursday, August 31, 2023 - 11:08
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Transport for London’s contentious Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is facing fresh scrutiny as a related initiative, the Low Emission Zone (LEZ), comes under fire for its signage being ruled unlawful by a tribunal.

Signs are at every boundary point telling you when you’re entering the zone

Noel Willcox, the proprietor of a scaffolding company, recently made headlines when a tribunal overturned fines he had incurred. He had raised concerns that the LEZ signage failed to adequately inform motorists of the associated charges. Willcox contends that this ruling could cast doubt on the legality of the newest ULEZ signs as well.

Mr. Willcox had accrued fines totalling £11,500 for driving a company truck to and from a depot in northwest London, where the LEZ imposes charges of up to £300 per day on highly polluting vans and HGVs.

In his appeal before the tribunal, Mr. Willcox refused to pay the fines, arguing that the signage did not conform to regulations requiring clear notification of charges to motorists. Adjudicator Graeme Wallington concurred with Mr. Willcox’s assertions, stating, “I accept the appellant’s submissions that if the signs are not authorised and do not provide adequate information of the charging scheme then no charge or penalty is payable.” Furthermore, he noted that Transport for London (TfL) failed to furnish any evidence regarding the compliance of the low emission zone signs with regulations or the sufficiency of the information displayed on them. This led him to conclude that he could not ascertain the legality of the LEZ signs.

Mr. Willcox, as quoted by The Telegraph, commented, “TfL have been unequivocally told in this London Transport tribunal ruling that their existing low emission zone signage is unlawful, which must mean the latest new ULEZ signs cannot be legal either. As you’d expect, TfL are trying to convince us all that they are in the right and the signs are legal. This administratively inept team under a dishonest manipulative mayor believes they are above the law and are putting two fingers up to this transport tribunal’s decision. It’s clear that all penalty charge fines and previous fees should now be up for refund.”

Transport for London (TfL) contends that the signs had been deemed lawful by the Department of Transport in 2008, adding that they are currently investigating why the appropriate evidence was not submitted. This decision is very likely to be appealed by TfL.

The expanded ULEZ came into effect on Tuesday 29th August 2023 after a legal challenge in the High Court was dismissed. Anyone driving a non-compliant vehicle within the zone will face a daily charge of £12.50.


  1. hi I am a cancer patient have to go to hospital every day for treatment I am 81 years old so I thought I would be a good boy and change my car so all would be well I went to a dealer saw a complaint car I had 2000.oo pounds to put down on the new car then was told I could not have the car on hp as I was not working and did not have any proper ty I was a council tennet there for not allowed hp so I still got my old car there must be plenty of people in the same state so how we going to change to the wright car

    • lts all a con by Khan l would love to see an all out strike, all deliveries and services to stop serving and delivering inner and outer London to teach this failed mayor a lesson

      • I just wonder how many deaths of children from respiratory disease it will take before people realise that clean air is a right – not driving a polluting vehicle.

  2. Are all ULEZ signs and cameras not a form of pollution?
    I believe that the £12.50 charge is literally highway robbery!

  3. the Unwanted, Legal Extortion Zone is by far the biggest tax burden on anyone who has to travel within the zone, for most people a new car is NOT an option, and so they have to pay a fee to commute, the trains are unreliable, buses pollute more than any car, and yet apparently this is to reduce emissions, how does the fee charged actually reduce emissions?.
    I don’t have a coin slot on my car which magically reduces emissions when coins are inserted.
    this whole ulez is just a money grab, nothing more nothing less, it will have absolutely no effect on emissions because most people can not afford to replace their vehicle.
    I saw a report claiming 90% of londoners were in favour of ulez, who did they question, Kensington residents?, and why only 9 of the 10 people asked agree?, a billionaire will never understand what real life struggles are, nor will they be able to comprehend what kind of damage these daft schemes can do to regular normal human beings, people have already been having to decide heat or eat, now it’s can I afford to get the kids to school, and which meals do we skip to be able to attend school
    personally I have no wish to ever visit London again, and will avoid it like the plague, along with all the other city’s who have taken on this money making scheme, if enough people move away, and refuse to drive in or visit a ule zone perhaps he will get his wish a ghost town, what will he do when all the local small businesses close down. and move away, he will lose that tax as well, and with less businesses in town there will be less visitors, and so London falls on its face, once the most vibrant city, soon to be dead.
    and only one person to blame, money grabbing, inhuman person, hell bent on reducing the number of people living , by forcing people to be on poverty line, begging for food, and before long out of home because they don’t have enough money to pay fines for not being able to take kids to school, and get food, and pay bills, I don’t understand why he believes this will be a magic wand for emissions, if the same people are still driving the same cars, how will emissions be fixed,
    and them there is the scrappage scheme, £2000, show me a practical ulez compliant car which can be purchased for £2000, its impossible, the cheapest is around £6000, so a person living in poverty, struggling to feed and Clothe themselves, and kids , and have to decide when to eat and when to heat, where will they get the extra £4000,?, and now its this unlawful tax in place things are even tighter, is this his plan to make everyone who is not filthy rich homeless? , he is already successfully making people destitute, and causing all kinds of mental health issues, I know so many people who can’t afford to move, can’t afford to replace the car, and have no choice but to drive to the school, because not enough spaces in their catchment area, these are the ones who are suffering the most, all so he can sit in his smart , luxury office and make out he is a good mayor, I have news for you, smug face does not mean you are correct, nor does it win you support, this Unwanted Laughable Extortion Zone was probably the worst idea I have ever heard of, and is a fast track to widespread poverty, with absolutely no thought, or care for the general public, not the best way to guarantee another term in office, and you will be remembered for the damage caused by greed. a bit like maggy for selling off all our industry, or Boris for his parties during covid all the wrong things.
    I would say the current mayor is up there with the most hated people on earth, and that can not be changed now, too many people have been effected by his actions in a negative way.

  4. Chris I don’t like Ulez, it was no vote, the people can nothing do , they must paying and paying. The mayor of London, he begun with salary with 110.000 pounds, now he take 165.000,,- in the year. He have no knowledge is all the time by eating and driving. He must fill a year long he get 1.500,- in the month. I would like know ,the TfL buses they are older then 7 years they pay the Conection charge ?

  5. Not to mention that if you drive a euro 4 diesel car with a European plate and when no one tells you with have to register the said vehicule into the TfL money grabbing scam, if you drive in London to be a tourist to visit places and to do whatever UK tourists do elsewhere, for a week, you discover when you return to your country a charge of 397 pounds daily (times 7 days for driving there) whenever you entered the said ULEZ scam zones.
    When you treat visitor tourists as if they are high polluting cars and attempt to steal all their money, guess what will happen to British people don’t or later in Europe? Not to mention even that they will not see a penny of this charges. Congratulations London for scraping your tourism!!!

  6. I’ve had to get rid of my 2014 Dacia diesel which I loved because it’s euro 5 pay £20 pounds a year tax because the emissions are so low I’ve purchased a 2019 petrol Dacia with emissions 4 times higher than my old car also have to pay £280 tax insurance gone through the roof but it’s euro 6 which is ok makes you think is it really about emissions and I thought we were no longer in Europe why do we have to abide by there standard’s

  7. what happens to all the drivers of non compliant vehicles driving around M25 to ither destinations? therefore presumably crossing into a ULEZ zone . most motorway traffic has to connect with M25 at some stage.

  8. I owned a Volkswagan Tourag registration 07. This was my proud and joy. Never had no problems with it always passed mot and service. I was forced to get rid of it due to ULEZ. almost two yesrs ago. Heartbroken I had to get rid of it.

    I couldn’t afford to buy a car outright so I had to buy a car on HP. from owning a car to now paying £568 a month on a car which supposedly meets the ULEZ compliance. I am struggling with my finance due to this decision as I owned my vehicle. This car I realised it wasn’t a good buy but I panicked at the time as a carer for my mum I needed a car to make the journeys.

    My stress level was increasing and so I took up cycling which have helped but I’m lumbered with a car I don’t really like and veg expensive. I tried to give it back sell it on but the settlment figure is more than what the car is now worth and will leave me in a negative equity. So I am at a loss.

    I am in such a rut because of this decision making money making industry in which I cannot see myself winning especially amongst these greedy evil people running our country forcing law abiding people like myself to get into debt so that they can benefit from this. We as a nation must come together and stand up against these people who clearly don’t care about your circumstances but continuing reaping from the hard working nation. I’ve had enough!!!

  9. everyone should get together with non compliant vehicles organise a rally through central London refuse to pay the charge and let sadiq Khan pick the bones out of that 😉

    • Just adding to the cost to London rate payers. Great idea!

  10. Big fan of the ULEZ. Anything that keeps these polluting cars off the roads is good

  11. Not only they are enough information but if we are to follow the rules we need more clear information, and so much information is missing . for example they have all these cameras and sign boards up, but we are missing the information REMINDER HAVE YOU PAID YOUR LEZ,ULEZ DATA SIGN IN FLASING SIGN LIKE THE DARTFORD CROSSING REMINDER . The people need clear information when we are condition to follow a rule . Is it alright for them to say we start paying this day all all those months they haven’t prepared anything meaningful as they clearly don’t care. If we are going to follow the rule what we need is SIGNS ,INFORMATION BOARDS ,REMINDERS FOR THE PUBLIC TO KNOW AND GIVE US A REMINDER . WE NEED SIGN BOARDS FOR REMINDERS TO THE PUBLIC . Government always try to avoid spending in the right course they think the public are stupid

  12. Before I purchased my low emmisions Mercedes B200 CDI SE CVT in May 2023 which has emissions 159G/KM, and it was well before recent ULEZ expansion. I checked compliance with ULEZ on relevant online gov website and was confirmed to be ULEZ compliant on several occasions time after time. Hence I purchased the car.
    Then straight after ULEZ expansion to M25 on
    31st August has become Non compliant, I took a snap shot image at the time it checked compliant.
    The whole thing is a big joke & scam for stealth taxation. Now we also have a Mercedes A140 which was ULEZ compliant and still is ULEZ compliant with emissions of 170 G/KM..
    Surprise Surprise, my low emissions B200 has lower emissions than my A140, and yet with the new regime of ULEZ expansion has become non compliant. What a farse, there is no science behind those making these decisions, and what they have done. It’s all a farce to tax everyone as if it was not enough to hit everyone with lock-downs and deliberately raising of gas & electricity charges, robbing the public by stealth. They have to go and hit the drivers with unjust charges, to make things worse, no wonder all the shops are closing down, if you tax and take all the earnings from people, then they will cut down on spending, hence all the shops and many businesses are closing down. The whole thing is shambles..What about scrappage ? they pay 2K for peoples expensive cars, then let us guess,
    Are they gonna ship and sell them abroad? likely and how much profiteering is there in that…eho knows

    • I would check again as a quick search on the internet shows the vehicle as being ULEZ comliant.

  13. I don’t fly anywhere. I never drive into London and my mileage is under 3000 a year. I use my Landrover for carrying heavy dive gear ,canoes and camping gear. Why should I have pay £12-50 every time I go to do a weeks shopping.. I live a quarter of a mile from the M 25
    To escape this 2 Bob chancers I’ll thought out non factual tax rip off. Get rid of Khan now before any next lies move to the next level of madness to suppress any enjoyment in the daily grind.
    Bus lanes and cycle paths slowing down traffic is
    One of the main causes of inner london pollution there is not a problem that’s been proved in the outer lying districts.
    Clarkie. Enfield.

  14. what actually happens with the ulez charge monies, are there air purification plants in London. I would like to know whose making the profit from or money because the underground train service is the biggest problem with the air conditions in London then what about the low flying plane. diesel goes back into the earth where as petrol and gas are distorting the atmosphere will all there cfc. we are being taxed by the wealthy, the working class man is the only one suffering. this country has no backbone, if it was france or Germany they would an uproar, why did our families fit in the wars for some idiot to take charge of london !!!!!!

  15. Something I can’t get my head round is if you are not certain you need to pay what do you do? ( due to driving just on edge and not 100% if you entered )
    I’ve been in contact with tfl by calls and email no success. Seems if any doubt you should pay but do you get credited or does it get kept by tfl regardless.
    Basically they are not allowed to inform you if you passed the line due to confidentiality.
    This applies to both congestion charge and Ulez.

    • Lots of information on the internet, just search Google

  16. Thank god that this is now affecting all Londoners for years now tfl have persecuted all Hgv firms with their views on how us disgusting dirty and generally awful firms deliver ALL of Londons goods
    Most of these firms have had to change entire fleets at GREAT costs just to meet the requirements of London mayor’s/ government
    BUT has no one ever questioned the fact that even though they are claiming to be cleaning inner Londons air quality There is a massive round that encircles London called the M25 all the so called polluting vehicles drive round it every second of every day so therefore the wind direction at any point MUST blow the so called pollution over London at some point it’s just science
    They have been ripping us off for years over this I embrace the pressure from the general public of inner and outer London maybe you can help to stop this fraud

  17. ulez signs why are they in Redbridge at the start of residential roads with cameras but not on main roads and as the signs have been deemed illegal I want to be able to visit my 89 mother without paying £12.50 each time as I cannot afford a new vehicle should I go and not pay the charge as these signs are illegal

  18. im sorry but youre incorrect. if the info provided on signage is deemed insufficient in one area and signs in other areas are worded exactly the same yet intended for same purpose then it logically follows they will also be insufficient for purpose. similarly signs of same design accept title for related but just slightly differently named intention are also insifficient

  19. Hi I don’t like the ulez please remove this asap

  20. to wish to have clean air in london is a good thing
    However all this over what TFL claims to be a rapidly dwindling 5%( it may well be less by now. Would seem ill advised. The air pollution caused by means other than cars is what needs to be addressed. For my part I have taken the decision to keep away from the place. It’s no longer a safe or good place to be.

  21. maybe the mayor should give up on the range rover he is driven around in and convert to two wheels to show the people of London he is making a difference and following up with his policy’s I don’t imaging that is going to happen anytime soon .

  22. To Marie,
    You are a great exponent of the art of seeing only what YOU want to see!
    Khan is ignoring the facts, and his ineptitude will never be forgotten.
    Mr Willcox won his case by pointing out the errors of TFL with their signage, and well done the Tribunal judge!!
    Tfl may well appeal, but many councils have also looked into refusing plans for the BIG BROTHER cameras to be put up and the signs. This whole affair
    WILL cost Labour many seats at the General election, and that’s a good thing if it makes Khan rethink his anti-business and ant-people destructive strategy!


  23. Air pollution is harming thousands of people yet people have been brainwashed by 100 years marketing and lobbying for Big Auto and Big Oil at the expense of people generally.
    Driving is not a right. It is a privilege for competent people. The carbon footprint of the auto industry is massive and unsustainable.
    TfL focusing on air pollution is just one small part of the harm that is being done.
    If anything there should be greater cost for not attending to the climate crisis that we are encouraging by our willful ignorance and irresponsibility.

  24. No, that is not what it says at all!!!!

    First of all, *a* tribunal, that is ONE adjudicator, has ruled that LEZ signalling was not compliant in ONE area.
    It does NOT follow that all LEZ signage is illegal, and it absolutely does NOT folllow that ULEZ signage is also deficient.

    Mr Willcox is making claims that are extremely misleading to drivers all over London, and his statement should be taken with a vast pinch of salt.

  25. Typical dishonesty from TFL and the London Mayor… think they are above the law. They are a corrupt team just cooking the books/figures/documents. to line their own pockets.. ULEZ is a total fraud as TFL and the Mayor do nothing about the toxic air the tubes create… ULEZ is just a fraudlent and dishonest method of stealing money from honest hardworking people.

  26. Thank god…. what a bunch of money grabbers