bi-directional speed cameras

Speed camera trial success means national roll out likely

Friday, August 25, 2023 - 10:38
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High-tech multi-directional speed cameras could become a common sight on roads across Britain following a successful trial in Devon and Cornwall.

The groundbreaking new devices, which can detect speeding motorists in both directions, have already caught thousands of drivers in just the first few days of a trial period in the south west.

The pilot project saw four of the new cameras installed with 3,280 drivers issued tickets in only two weeks.

With transport chiefs promising UK wide roll out if the project proved successful it now looks likely these new high-tech cameras will become standard all over Britain.

Now road safety experts at Road Angel have reminded all motorists to take responsibility for driving safely within the speed limit ahead of these new enforcement measures.

The new cameras mean drivers on both sides of the road can be caught for speeding, rather than the old systems which could only capture motorists in the left-hand lane.

It does so by having a single camera facing each direction to capture vehicles in two lanes when travelling in opposite directions.

These new ultra speed cameras also do not require painted lines on the road, like many of the older legacy cameras do.

Also equipped on the bi-directional cameras is infrared, low light technology, meaning there will no longer be a flash at speeding drivers.

These new speeding detectors do not look like the typical yellow box cameras that drivers are used to seeing up and down UK roads.

Instead, the small camera is sat on top of a tall pole, which has been painted yellow for maximum visibility.

On one of the four new cameras, there was one incident where a motorist was clocked driving at 73 mph in a 30-mph zone.

Road safety experts are hoping the bi-directional speed cameras will capture more speeding motorists, thus encouraging Brits to consistently drive at safe and legal speeds.

Although the scheme is currently being installed on Devon and Cornwall’s roads, with four cameras already in place, other local authorities could soon roll out these new ultra speed cameras across other regions in the country.

It comes after the news that one in four fatal collisions on UK roads happens because of speeding. Shockingly, this means that over 2,500 people are seriously injured or harmed every year, due to inappropriate speeding.

Studies have shown that fixed speed cameras have reduced the number of those killed or seriously injured by 50%.

It is safe to say that the new bi-directional cameras will help contribute to vastly reducing this number even further, with the ability to capture speeding motorists travelling in both directions.

As other regions could soon be rolling out these ultra speed cameras, Gary Digva, founder of Road Angel hopes this will further encourage drivers to stay mindful of their speed and the danger it poses to themselves and all other road users.

He said: “Introducing these multi-directional speed cameras is a positive step forward in helping to reduce the number of accidents caused by motorists excessively speeding each year.

“By capturing vehicles travelling in both directions, the new cameras will be able to penalise many more motorists than the old legacy systems are currently able to.

“Although there is still a long way to go to stop motorists from driving above the limit and reduce the number of fatalities and injuries that speeding causes, we hope that the new speed cameras will make all Brits think twice before putting their foot down.

“Not only will you be slapped with a hefty fine of up to £1000, points on your licence and the potential to be disqualified from driving, you’re also seriously putting your own and other road user’s lives in serious danger.”


  1. hilarious people thinking this is a tax on drivers. just stick to the limit and pay no tax.

    It’s only an idiot tax. luckily the country is rich in them so we should do just fine.

    A good example are all the comments on here where the writer doesn’t know how a Caps Lock key works.

  2. every driver in england should all go on the roads were cameras are and turn off their engine and block every road in the country that is the only way the government will take notice and blame it on just oil.

  3. modern cars can detect the local speed limit. It should not be very difficult to set the cars maximum speed to the local speed limit. this would be far less expensive than speed cameras and would ensure that drivers never break the limit by mistake.

  4. I have been driving for 36 years with 1 prior speeding offence of 40 in a roadwork area that was reduced to 30. I was young and I held my hand up inexperience and not paying attention. it’s been 25 years since then and recently driving on the m1 in the early hours the gantry displayed 60 so I reduced my speed accordingly, as I got to the next gantry I didn’t notice it had dropped to 50 and all of a sudden flash and I realised then.
    I’m not saying I was not speeding I was, and recieved a letter within 5 days saying I was doing 57 in a 50. my only argument is they do not consider your driving record. A strongly written letter and warning would have been enough to educate me over this matter a 100 pound fine and 3 points is over the top.
    This government is a disgrace with its policy of milking honest people that make genuine mistakes wish I could afford to leave.

  5. Someone needs to treat these bloody cameras like they are in London with the ULEZ cameras !!

  6. What did people think was going to happen when revenues from the 80% tax we get charged when purchasing petrol started depleting due to the “electric car” we are all being told we must change to????? That the government wasn’t going to find another way to tax us?? We have all been “duped”, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!!! There is no democracy, we are NOT free, we are being told that we must, we must, we must think this, we must accept that! We, the common “people” have NO voice!!!! Wages TAXED, Cars TAXED, Homes TAXED, savings TAXED, Inheritances TAXED Food TAXED Booze TAXED, Cigarettes and the alternatives TAXED. Wake the EFF up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Why cant they put a device in your car which when you come into say a 20mph or 30 mph won’t allow the car van truck whatever M/C etc to exceed the said speed limit they could do this at manufacture the a simple device at the side of the road that sends out a signal I.e.20mph 30 mph 70mph on motorway ect job done no need for expensive camera systems and we would all have money in our banks to be able to enjoy life, also what, why is there such a difference in road tax on cars what do they do with the money these days are they using the money rhey Rob to improve the environment or is it just another way to Rob the motorist

    • would be simple. GPS knows where your vehicle is. Authorities know where the speed limits are. Hook that info to cars management system. Ultimate ‘bid brother ‘, it would stop speeding!

    • speed limiters can be done & do exist. just need roadsides technology to catch up and be able to do it, which won’t be difficult today.

      Only problem is the police won’t let it happen. if you built new cars with speed limiters that can be varied by digital boxes at speed signs, and retrofit to previous vehicles, the police will stop it due to the complete end of income.

      the police say none of the money comes to them, but to the road safety scheme. the problem is, the police are actually in charge of it! again, the police can’t be honest

  8. If it was such a success the cameras would take no pictures at all, and there would be no need. This rollout is all about money. Cameras are suppose to be installed based on history. We had a new dual carriageway and installed on it was a speed camara.? You want a zebra crossing, you need wait until there’s been a few fatals.

  9. This country serously needs a uprising they get away with this crap time time again it’s about time we listened to John POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  10. Wow… The British motoring public are made to generate huge funds for the local councils again it seems.. With the roads in an ever increasing state of disrepair it seems as if the poor folf of Devon and Cornwall are making inroads onto generating huge sums for the coffers.. Roughly £197k generated on just 3days..what a joke… (3280 speeders at £60 a head.. Its a joke.)

  11. we’re going to have a lot of fun this month, September, because there’s going to be a 20mph limit introduced on the roads. TWENTY MILES AN HOUR in built up areas. Have fun folks.

    • Piloting in Bristol deemed a success…..apparently!!! Rolls out all over Bristol this week! But hey, could be worse, people could actually take note of the new 20mile limits, bearing in mind, most didn’t take notice of the 30mile limits!!! A country run by idiots!!!!!

  12. I’m all for keeping g roads safer in built up areas around schools etc. they always quote speeding was involved in accidents but that doesn’t mean speeding was the cause of the a cident correlation does not mean causation its probably because most people speed to a certain degree or another.

  13. Take responsibility for your own behaviour. Speed limits are there for public safety and are not optional. Nothing that you are doing is more important than another person’s safety.
    People have been brainwashed by 100 years marketing and lobbying for Big Auto and Big Oil at the expense of people generally.
    Driving is not a right. It is a privilege for competent people. The DVSA Licence is the minimum acceptable standard of competence with much more required to be good or expert.
    Operate the Hierarchy of Responsibility and put safety first. Don’t know what that is?
    You are responsible for current knowledge provided in the Highway Code so pay attention. Lives depend on this. Possibly your own.

    • This alarmist dialogue is hopelessly misguided. This is the reason why motorists tend to travel above the speed limit. Misguided and alarmist opinion, rather than factual reasoning, results in unrealistically low speed limits. The belief that imposing a speed limit makes drivers slow down is the problem. There is a natural speed that drivers want to travel at on a road. In the UK speed surveys carried out at different points on a road will produce results that can be plotted on a graph. The natural speed us called the 85 percentile, the speed at or below which 85% of drivers travel on the road. If the 85 percentile is, say 44 mph then it is pointless setting a limit of 30mph. The correct limit would be 40mph and this would be more realistic and more inclined to be obeyed. Similar examples would apply to 50 and 60 mph. If this were to be applied to motorways where there are no school children running about and safety standards are naturally higher, it would prove that 80mph is the natural speed limit. The horror and uproar created by the press every time this is mooted makes it impossible to apply but it would be a far more realistic and safer speed than the current 70mph. Regrettably speed limits are just politically applied when residents kick up a fuss a make demands for 30mph or even 20mph. Nobody bothers to investigate the requests from a scientific approach. If people were to climb down off their ‘we are concerned for our children’s lives we want 30mph’ pedestal and let surveys determine the most realistic speed limit, our speed limits would be respected on a much wider scale. Unfortunately misguided beliefs that 30mph always reduces speeds prevents common sense prevailing.

      • Unfortunately, speeding is a crime and the way to get it changed is not by speeding and breaking the law, but by lobbying your polititions to change that law. I regularly drive motorways and I am constantly overtaken by drivers travelling 20, 30 or more beyond the speed limit. That is just arrogance in my opinion.

    • Roy is 100% correct. Stick to the proven science.

  14. it’s complete crap!!!! damn waste of taxpayer’s money, time time again.
    Look at the millions spent on smart motorways!!!
    The government now realises it isn’t practical and infact quite dangerous to do without a hard shoulder.
    Government is shambolic and continuously wastes the taxpayers money without accountability!!!

  15. after more than 70 years I’m f***ing sick of this rip off country

  16. I was on the M6 Toll on a Saturday morning around 9am. Not a single car around me and there were Police officers on top of a bridge with a speed gun and caught me doing 87mph in a 70mph. They knew hardly anyone is on there at that time so it’s safe to go faster and it’s purely money making is what they were doing. Also the ticket came in on the post on Monday. have you ever seen the government so efficient?

    • 87 is still way above the speed limit. Sounds like you feel the law shouldn’t apply in your case. Too many people are speeding on motorways and those who do stick to the speed limit often get tailgated and flashed by these arrogant individuals

    • you need to be banned Permanently.

    • You paid a Toll to use an empty M6 – the speed limit is 70. Anything over that is ticetable.
      If you wan to go faster, book a track day at a race track. – the speed limit is as fast as your car can go…

  17. What did i say that was defamatory?

  18. My comments arnt staying please let me know why.

  19. Why

  20. My last comment as gone .why please let me know
    On my email thanks .

    • All comments are moderated and as such, they don’t necessarily appear instantly

  21. The renark made on older cars is not quiet right they are normally looked after better than most and nearly all have there engines reconditioned. And properly tune although you dont have to .i have my engines tested for emissions and they read better than a new car . The reason you only need an mot
    After 3 years .they know that .all new cars will fail the test. All engines have a running period . All modern car engines are made from a more tuffer materials today .ence they can go 300.000 miles or more . Hence the 3 year period for running in .
    The cars from 50 60 years ago didnt have the metal
    Technology of today . Running in period was around
    1000 miles. And the of the engine was 60 to 70 .000 miles . And needed to be latest
    Count of vehicles is 4 . And all the engines are spot on. Gpw that stands for a general purpose willeys.
    A ford jeep 1942 . A GMC 6×6 troop carrier. 1942
    Commonly known as a JIMMY. A NISSAN 4X4 .
    COMPARED to the other vehicles. Siltch in the fun department .

  22. People have been getting away with speeding since the roads were built. BUT NOW The unlucky few are paying the heavy price, because the people who come up with these stupid systems know that neither you or I can do anything to change this gradual errosion of what we thought was freedom!
    Oh how misguided we are!
    Forget about UK plc… Its UK… Take it easy. Good luck you happless driver.

  23. People have been getting away with speeding since the roads were built. BUT NOW The unlucky few are paying the heavy price, because the people who come up with these stupid systems know that neither you or I can do anything to change this gradual errosion of what we thought was freedom!
    Oh how misguided we are!
    Forget about UK plc… Its UK… Take it easy.

  24. When you look at the state of most roads with rutting and potholes, the lack of attention to painting lines back at junctions and roundsbouts and the amount of signs which are obscured by foliage because it hasn’t been cut back, I would think that all of these would contribute more to roads being unsafe than nabbing someone for doing 55 in a 50 limit?
    What is needed is to stop persecuting motorists with charges for minor speed offences and taking money in fines and charges for UL and low emission zones. People have to get to work and most deliveries are by road.

  25. Another scam to extract more money from the motorists.
    We are being watched by cctv in places we don’t even know, now we have cameras that see into our cars, it’s beyond the joke, all hidden behind the slogan speed kills!
    Like Green issues our police and government don’t give a damn about them it’s all a smoke screen to get money from an easy source. The motorist is now being persecuted and it’s got to stop.
    I waited almost a month when I had something stolen from my house yet they always have the rescource to deploy a pcso on a nicely selected piece of road to bring in the cash. They are currently setting people up on a dual carriageway that has a few tiny 40 mph signs after coming off a unrestricted stretch, all a scam.

  26. easy money that’s why they do this why don’t the pay more attention to bad driving. incorrect number plates. drug driving. car theft’s. it’s just easy money at times you have to accelerate to avoid dangerous drivers why are camera vans hidden behind bushes and trees, why at the bottom of hills at times you dare not take your eyes off the road to check your speed . like I say easy money.

  27. The motorist is just seen as a cash cow. Safety has nothing to do with it just like the Ulez roll out has nothing to do with clean air. When will people start saying “no”.

  28. doubt it makes too much of a difference, just increases revenue, 10 year testing might be a bigger win, help to stop drivers getting into too many bad habits.

  29. More backwards measures, more surveillance, more fines. And yet people on here are cheering it all on.
    How about letting a little bit of common sense and judgement come into it?
    With modern cars, ABS brakes and crumple zones, if I’m travelling down a sparse motorway in dry conditions, what sense does 70mph make? Nobody should be prosecuted for not sticking to an arbitrary, static speed. It’s an archaic law from a world which doesn’t exist anymore. Germany seems to be getting on just fine with their no-speed-limit autobahns. Scrap the national speed limit, tear down the speed cameras. The government should let people live their lives.

  30. I noticed single (yellow painted) cameras o the A9. sometime ago I attended a seminar on camera safety sites on the A9 and was informed that the cameras in use were single lane approved. hence one for each lane on the road. these new ones were single camera on the pole. My presumption is that they have multi lane approval, as these that the article refers to

  31. I’m glad these cameras are being erected, hopefully it will stop speeding motorists.

  32. I don’t personally think it’s a money making scheme. It’s a necessary measure that has had to be brought in because people do not adhere to the rules and think accidents never happen to them. Until after the fact and then they are sorry, when it’s to late. Speed limits are there for a reason, not to see if you can get away with breaking it.
    Why do people get so angry about the speed cameras being put up, if you didn’t speed then they should affect you!
    Why should the government have to spend extra money painting them yellow, for speeders who can then see them, allowing them to slam on their brakes for the camera and then speed up afterwards, which can be just as dangerous.
    We shouldn’t have to have the cameras in the first place if drivers stuck to the rules.
    I say put more up, don’t paint them and let the speeders be caught without the announcement of ‘here I am’.
    I’m not a perfect driver and have found myself going over the limit every now and again and have even had a speeding fine because of my lack of awareness. What have I learned from this? – to be more aware of the speed limits and using the appropriate speed for the road and weather conditions, without exceeding the speed limit and could possibly mean driving slower than the limit (not target) which has been put in place.

    • I do, personally, think it is a money raising scheme. The death rate is about 17/1800/yr. If you extract accidents caused by drink/drug driving, driver error etc the number caused/contributed to by speed, is extremely small. I was recently fined £80 for going through a green light at 35mph on a 3lane road. What purpose is served by doing that? With over 1million accident free miles. This emphasis on speed contributes to a mindset that absolute safety is achieved by never exceeding a limit, when nothing could be further from the reality.

  33. Put them in motorway still speeding and the driving standered on this road is awful and only this week 3 times been closed in Nottingham.

  34. First we came across these cameras was 0n the A272 road winchester to Petersfield haveing not come across these cameras before I choose my speed 30mph all along the route

  35. penalties for speeding need to be more severe when a member of your family are seriously injured or worse most of the comments I have read so far would make you think differently I am a driving instructor and we all teach to a very high standard once you start driving on your own bad habits creep in , the overall standard of so called qualified drivers is appalling especially white van man BMW drivers etc we find patience on the roads non existent, I do think retesting after 10yrs should improve driver behaviour some of the comments show utter contempt for the law if you drive within the limit you are setting an example and keep the accident rate down.
    wake up and smell the coffee.

  36. rules don’t apply to me I’ll take my front number plate off….itl still only catch me from behind

    • The fines for not showing proper number plates are just as high

  37. how many unlicenced or drunk drivers were caught by this successful trial?

  38. more revenue for cash strapped councils from motorists . not a suprise really & we should all get ready for paying to drive per mile ..
    basically they want to limit or stop freedom of movement for people .. camera’s everywhere , 15 minute citys , all part of our dystopian future ..

  39. success??? yeh thanks thousands of people will soon be out of work losing homes…..

  40. Yes carry on war on motorists easy easy money and easy conviction rate

  41. And the state of our roads potholes entire surfaces upon mile upon mile just in total neglect…the almost complete lack of signage on some roads actually telling driver the bloody speed limit and what signs there are overgrown with foliage trees etc etc DOES THAT CAUSE DANGER DOES THAT CAUSE ACCIDENTS ? We have had the technology for years now to install GPS speed limiter systems in vehicles this would reduce speeding by 99.9 % overnight but our friends the police who bleat on about road safety know it would destroy there cash racket on the cameras .

  42. These Cameras have already been put up in Kearsley, (A666) and Radcliffe,(A665). No wonder they are catching loads of speeders. they’re very hard to spot, especially at night.

  43. Speed is a “contributory factor” is usually the term used. Often the real reason is careless driving, such as people tailgating, cutting in across lanes at the last minute, not indicating before manoeuvring, pulling out without looking properly, weaving in and out of traffic erratically etc etc and of course the last couple of decades distracted driving from mobile phone use. The cameras do not stop any of this, and neither does fining people doing 40 in a 30. By all means fine people doing 70 in a 30 that’s just bonkers, but there needs to be more enforcement on careless and irresponsible driving which if anything seems to have got worse. Retest people every say 10 years too to make sure they are up to standard,




  45. how much of these drakonian measures are the people going to take before they fight back.its nothing to do about safety.and everything to do with a revenue stream.

  46. Of course travelling slower will reduce the number if fatalities what it doesn’t do is increase the general driving standards on the UK roads so that the number of accidents is reduced. Try improving driving standards rather than imposing and enforcing low speed limits to cater for a lack of driver skills. Driving should be an earned privilege with periodic retests to maintain and prove competance and not the automatic right its seen as currently.

  47. let’s be honest hear the UK govments needs money why because we are broke due to both party’s failures for 30 years we spent money we did not have we bailed the banks out to the tune of a trillion pounds then cov 19 money wasting to the tune of half a trillion then on top of that U have the price cap costs you think that 400 pounds was free think again we will all pay the cost of the above for years to come that won’t tell U that nor will that dare put real taxes up nope that will find was to fine you or pay for things that were once free like green bin collections the ulez zones you think that that are doing it for our heath no that use it as a smoke screen so U buy in to the idea when this could have been done 20 years ago why are they doing it we fuel duty is falling the govment needs cash so this is the new way that will charge you it’s a daily tax note how it’s only aimed at poor people who are more likely to own a older car how come 40 year old cars which are far more pouleting than any car that’s 10 or 15 years old yet that don’t pay road tax nor the charges and again why is it that electric cars don’t pay road tax yet that do more road damage due to the weight of the car so tell me how that makes sense and is fair and also parking is next on the cards you will pay more if ur car is older one and pay per mile is coming to replace road tax funny thing is people who have electric vehicles think they are immune and safe well you are for now but when all the old cars are off the roads and all the charges that they currently pay run out the government will then introduce charges for electric vehicles and all the other means of raging money as much it runs out of options with regards to all the polluting vehicles it will tears attention to more modern vehicles so that being ten-year-old vehicles is we five your vehicles and it’s because vehicles emotionists are easy and in large numbers and the government doesn’t know how else today’s money other than raising taxes themselves which no government will lightly as they know it will make them get voted out of power at the next election so the government doesn’t know what to do other than introduce ways to find and charge people for using that cars as it knows 32 million people use vehicles in the UK so therefore the government sees this as an easy way to raise money and so do local authorities as local authorities can raise money for fines from parking tickets and so on and also charge for local services like green bins and so on you think the green bin charge is the only charge that’s going to happen wrong eventually they will charge you for removing your black fin waste and your recycle bin waste basically any services that are now free you will have to pay for in the future this is a four-tail sign of what’s called down the line and unfortunately the time of free things in the UK is now over and any things that we want or need services wise we have to pay high price for in order to use those services whether it’s fair or not sadly it’s the poor or working class that most as people are the eye income won’t feel the charges as much as someone who would on the low income and Amelia there won’t be asked about 60 quid but a working class person will be and feel it more again with the electricity and gas it’s a form of tax and it’s a way of energy companies making money and in turn the government making money because it gains tax and creat off the profits and price the energy companies charge so gone in the days of cheap fuel cheap food cheap anything unfortunately from now on it’s going to cost us a lot more just have the basics from what you used to just two years ago covid and the war in Ukraine have now sparked a new area of high prices and higher costs and property earrings by companies everything is getting smaller but costing more everything is more shitly made and doesn’t last as long yet you pay twice as much unfortunately this is the way it goes you’re working for a minimum wage over 11 pounds an hour in the UK and you’re expected to cover the costs of everything that has traveled and less than 12 months so unfortunately we have to try that in this new way which a lot of people are struggling to do as they don’t know how to manage their finances nor manage their life properly without getting struggling like we all the metal class and riches won’t be bothered by this recipe the poor and working class who will feel this more than anything else but that is what it is and you have to look at how things are and what you can do to make things better for yourself sorry mistakes it is a speak to text application that’s I am using us I’m not really good at writing nor spelling and it does produce spelling mistakes contact time well this is my point I have made so yes that’s it.

    • The biggest con is ‘Government Borrowing’ if our financial system was honest – Government should be able to create money as needed without incurring interest (as after all it is supposed to be the supreme governing power in the country) Fractional reserve banking is at the heart of what is slowly eroding the nation state through ever increasing levels of debt – to semi – private central banks who happily print off the money that required no effort essentially (mostly digital) with the taxpayer having to pick up the tab via increases in taxes and the selling of govt bonds – when the shit hits the fan they socialize losses and privatise profits it’s the biggest game in town and you and I aren’t invited!!

  48. they’re already being installed in Greater Manchester

  49. You will catch motorcycles in one direction but not the other. Not well thought out. As we say in Wakes Twp