Tackling crash-for-cash: SCCI Alphatrack thwarting scammers with VUE

Friday, December 6, 2013 - 12:00
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TACKLED: Crash-for-cash battled by VUE

TV, media and security company SCCI Alphatrack are tackling crash-for-cash scams by investing in VUE CCTV technology.

VUE’s VDR system has been fitted to SCCI Alphatrack’s 180-strong fleet, helping the business manage their vehicles more effectively.

The VDR technology uses forward-facing cameras which capture high-quality footage, helping establish blame, the level of damage to the other vehicle, the number of passengers and injury severity.

It also provides key data such as time, date, location detailing where the accident took place; along with vehicle speed and G-force data showing severity of the accident.

Steven Knott, Fleet Manager from SCCI Alphatrack, said: “The new livery showing the CCTV signs will act as a deterrent to would-be scammers and provide much needed evidence in the event of an accident.”

Each fleet vehicle was also fitted with VUETrak, which allows live monitoring and tracking of vehicles and produces driver scores based on driver style and performance.

VUETrak also enables SCCI Alphatrack to monitor fuel consumption activities such as idling, harsh acceleration and journey efficiency.

Glen Mullins, Managing Director of VUE CCTV, said: “Crash-for-cash claims are worryingly on the rise and fleet vehicles are potential targets.

“The new technology we’ve provided to SCCI Alphatrack will protect its drivers from these scams.”