RHA: ‘We can do Driver CPC better’

Monday, July 1, 2013 - 08:43
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BETTER: RHA reviewing Driver CPC

Mandatory training for working truck drivers can and should be improved, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) have claimed.

Announcing the start of a review of the Driver CPC – the EU-wide mandatory training requirement – the RHA said the system could be vastly enhanced.

They also claimed UK regulators can also improve the way the existing Directive 2003/59/EC is implemented here.

The industry itself could make more positive use of the legal requirement, they claimed, and could be better informed as to how firms can work within the Directive.

In the medium term, the UK can help lead the debate about how the EU Directive can be improved to suit the industry and modern training technology.

Speaking at the RHA Training National Conference at Warwick University, Jack Semple, Director of Policy, said continuous professional development for drivers is evolving.

He said the industry should accept that, and take a progressive approach to improving the Driver CPC.

The RHA’s review will highlight progressive Driver CPC implementation by hauliers, addressing how UK regulators can help hauliers and trainers to take a flexible, targeted approach.

They are also considering strong calls from members for new regulation requiring annual training to stop drivers doing the same course up to five times.

The RHA are engaging with the Department for Transport and their agencies on Driver CPC issues.

Their Driver CPC review, to be published later this year, will also promote a positive image of the industry – one of the main objectives of the Directive.

Image courtesy of John Carver, with thanks.

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