First motorway pub ‘promotes drink-driving’

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 16:30
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WARNING: Do you drink-drive?

Drink-driving should be avoided at all costs, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) have insisted, after the UK’s first ‘motorway pub’ opened on the M40.

Beaconsfield service area, at junction 2, now plays host to a Wetherspoons pub, and the RHA claim the news is ‘disappointing’.

Kate Gibbs, Spokesperson at the RHA, said: “Drinking and driving is a bad mix, regardless of the size of vehicle being driven.

“The difference between the service area at Beaconsfield and the majority of the others located throughout the UK motorway network is that the driver has to leave the environs of the motorway in order to gain access.

“On that basis, the argument would surely be that if a driver is determined to drink while being responsible for their vehicle, they will do so.

“However, we consider that the concept of locating licenced premises at those service areas where access is via a single entry/exit sliproad is irresponsible and should be strongly discouraged.

“With the ever-increasing traffic numbers now seen on the motorway network, the idea of deliberately putting the temptation to drink in front of a driver is absolute madness.

“A motorway can be a dangerous place and users them must have their wits about them at all times; particularly in poor weather conditions.

“These respite areas have always operated successfully without the need of an ‘alcohol outlet’ – why change that?

“Motorway service areas exist primarily to provide a place where tired drivers can stop safely to take a rest – not a pint.”

Image courtesy of West Midlands Police, with thanks.


  1. Many drink driving offences are opportunistic. When going to a party there may be no intention there but tempation will always try it’s hand.

    People wouldn’t be so happy with the idea if one of their family were killed!

    Tired drivers are at a low ebb, add even a small amount of alcohol and you could be looking at a fatality that was preventable.

    There are enough pubs about without putting them next to motorway services, its obvious who they are targeting as customers !

  2. It’s important to put into context the position and layout of these services.It’s true that they can be accessed from M40 J3, but they are actually on the Farnham road that runs between Beaconsfield and Slough.

    Many local people use this site for fuel and fast food and there is also a hotel in the same building as the new Wetherspoons outlet.

    I can think of three pubs on the M40 that are adjacent to junctions and the one on the Longbridge island (The Porridge Pot) is actually closer to the main motorway than the new venue at Beaconsfield.

    All pubs are on a road, that doesn’t a provoke continual outcry.

    It’s simple: Sensible people do not drink and drive. Those that want to be stupid will find a way

  3. I disagree with the above comments here….. Why on eareth put any temptation in front of those where it is such an illegal thing to do? Motorway service stations have never had a problem before not selling alcohol, the ridiculous prices they charge ensure no loss in profits, so why on earth do they need to do this? There are many stupid irresponsible drivers out there who would clearly abuse the service and I say for the sake of not allowing those (example coach passengers) to drink, surely is supported. Purely to provide a safer journey to the many other “responsible” drivers on the road. Pure madness and idiocy and shame on Wetherspoons for the greed involved!

  4. Give over RHA and get back in your box, you’d be better off concentrating your efforts on the day to day problems encountered by by the transport industry,instead of insulting drivers intelligence, suggesting that every chance they get they will drink and drive.
    If certain people wish to d&d “and there are probably a few” they will, regardless of where the pub is, as for Beaconsfield, anybody from the surrounding area’s can access it by car without using the Motorway (M40)in fact some locals could probably walk to it, and anyway, what’s wrong with a truck driver having a pie and a pint after a long day on the road, before he settles down for the night in his cab, with the prospect of 9\10hrs sleep ahead of him, or a coach driver pulling in and his passengers having a pint or a glass of wine? it would sure beat the usual sloppy stodge, and lukewarm tea served up by the existing M/W services, for which you normally require a small mortgage.

    Seamus Neary.
    Inwood Logistics Ltd,

  5. This is an excellent idea and its about time people take responsibilty for theie own actions, if a coach stops why should the passengers be provented from having a sociable drink because others might behave irresponsible.

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