Intelligent Telematics launch next-generation vehicle camera

Friday, January 10, 2014 - 12:00
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BOOST: New launch of Intelligent Telematics

Intelligent Telematics have launched the next generation of their IT 1000 vehicle camera, designed to cut costs, enhance safety and protect against fraudulent insurance claims.

The solution combines video, telematics and 3/4G technologies to capture and transmit footage of accidents and other harsh driving events in real-time.

Intelligent Telematics claim it is sixteen times more powerful than existing solutions in the marketplace.

The IT 1000 transmits footage of accidents and near misses via a secure 3/4G private network to a web-based interface with real-time email and SMS alerts.

This enables operators to respond quickly to issues and report claims, while insurers receive first notification of loss to minimise any financial impact.

Meanwhile, the camera captures GPS data at ten times per second, compared to an industry standard of just once per second.

Nick Plowman, Chief Technical Officer of Intelligent Telematics, said: “Our latest camera will not only reduce the severity and frequency of vehicle fleet insurance claims by enabling operators to respond quickly and effectively to accidents, but also help modify driving styles and minimise potential risk.

“The IT 1000 vehicle camera solution provides a 24hour monitoring solution that will become an important part of a fleet operators insurance and duty of care strategies.”

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