Increased focus on customisation wanted from fleet products

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 09:36
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Customisation could be the key

Who will be the first?

A report from Chevin Fleet Solutions has identified that new, specialist products aimed at organisations that operate in particular sectors are likely to be a key feature of the next generation of fleet management software.

Organisations are increasingly seeking fleet management software packages that are essentially preconfigured to meet their requirements – specifically elements like the kind of data recorded, reporting, and KPI’s.

David Gladding, sales director for Chevin, explained that the trend was developing partly in response to the sheer size and scope of some systems currently available: “Something like our FleetWave system is a massively capable fleet management tool that is suitable for a huge number of fleet applications but some customers are looking for something more specific to their needs.”

He added: “This approach is only really suitable for a few types of fleet, we expect, but within those sectors these products could have considerable appeal.”

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