Crown Commercial Service Appoints ALD Automotive To Telematics Agreement

Monday, July 18, 2016 - 15:40
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ALD Automotive UK has been appointed to a new vehicle telematics framework agreement established by the Government’s Crown Commercial Service.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) acts on behalf of the Crown to drive savings for the taxpayer and improve the quality of commercial and procurement activity.

CCS’s vision is to deliver value for the nation through outstanding commercial capability and quality customer service. Its procurement arrangements can be used by central government departments and organisations across the public sector including local government, health, education, not-for-profit and devolved administrations.

The new Vehicle Telematics agreement forms part of the Government’s approach to helping public sector bodies understand the whole-life costs of vehicles and identifies that vehicle telematics can bring significant benefits in terms of monitoring areas such as fuel consumption, vehicle tracking and driver behaviour, with the data provided offering a key insight into how to make significant cost reductions.

ALD Automotive is already listed on the CCS Vehicle Lease and Fleet Management framework RM3710, under Lot 1 which covers the lease of passenger motor vehicles and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, including cars, vans, 4x4s, alternatively fuelled vehicles (e.g. hybrids, electric) and converted vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

Commenting on the new agreement, Bernard Tomkins, ALD Automotive’s Corporate Sales Manager – Public Sector, said: “Our appointment to the Telematics Framework allows us to offer our Telematics package to public sector clients without them having to go to tender. Our Public Sector offering is further enhanced as we are the only leasing company on both the CCS Leasing and Telematics Frameworks.

The new CCS Vehicle Telematics agreement RM3754 covers one lot and includes a total of 11 suppliers.

Bernard added: “If our Public Sector clients choose us for both their leased vehicles and a telematics package, we will be able to work with them more effectively to truly manage the cost of their fleets and look for optimum ways to make efficient use of their vehicles.”

He concluded: “ALD has been serving Public Sector clients for a long time and we are delighted to show our commitment with the inclusion of ALD Automotive on two government frameworks.”

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