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‘Coolest ever CV’: Renault launch new all-electric Twizy Cargo

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 11:35
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COOL: Brand new Renault Twizy Cargo

Renault are claiming they have built the ‘coolest commercial vehicle ever’, after launching the all-electric, money-saving £7,795 Twizy Cargo.

Available from July, the Cargo is a single-seat compact vehicle for business use, taking the shape and style of the standard Twizy,

However, instead of the standard Twizy’s rear seat, the 17hp Cargo has a 180-litre, 75kg load area with lockable door.

Renault claim fleets can save hundreds of pounds every year with the Cargo’s low servicing costs, exemption from city centre charges and VAT recuperation.

Cheaper than the standard Twizy by £650 due to VAT, the Twizy Cargo has a real-world range of 50miles and a top speed of 56mph.

VAT can also be reclaimed on battery hire, from £36 per month, potentially saving businesses hundreds of pounds every year.

A full charge takes three and a half hours and costs just £1.

Customers can also customise their vehicle with the ‘Design Your Own Twizy’ programme, starting from £250.

The programme offers a choice of more than 40 colours and 30 pre-designed wraps with themes including national flags and animal prints.

Renault say the vehicle is ‘the perfect solution for companies offering callout or support services, like IT support…or even a stack of large takeaway pizzas’.

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