Jaguar Land Rover to recall 44,000 cars ove...

Mar 14, 20191 Comment

Ten models have been found by regulators to have been emitting more CO2 than they had been certified to emit. JLR will be contacting the

John Lewis Partnership announces plan for r...

Oct 16, 2018Comments off

The John Lewis Partnership has announced today it will phase out all diesel-powered heavy trucks from its fleet by 2028. The move will see the

EU ministers agree 35% car emissions reduct...

Oct 10, 2018Comments off

Just hours after the IPCC warned the world needs to drastically accelerate decarbonisation efforts to limit global warming to 1.5C, the European Council disappointed environmental

Vehicle leasing leads the way in reducing e...

Oct 02, 2018Comments off

Lease cars continue to be substantially cleaner than the average private car, according to the latest data from the BVRLA. The BVRLA Quarterly Leasing Survey

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler arrested in Germany

Jun 19, 2018Comments off

The CEO of luxury automaker Audi has been arrested in Germany as part of an investigation into emissions cheating. Munich prosecutors said Monday that Rupert

New vehicle rating system sheds light on Eu...

Jun 08, 2018Comments off

The Real Urban Emissions Initiative (TRUE) today made public a ratings system reflecting real-world emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) measured for over 90% of passenger

Tough regulations brought in to crack down ...

Jun 08, 2018Comments off

Carmakers will face heavy fines if they supply vehicles designed to cheat emissions tests to the UK, the government have announced. Under tough new regulations, manufacturers

Freeze on fuel duty has triggered 4.5 milli...

Jun 01, 2018Comments off

The Government’s seven-year freeze on fuel duty has caused an extra 4.5 million tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide emissions by encouraging people to abandon public

Many British lorry drivers are cheating tou...

Apr 30, 2018Comments off

A recent Channel 4 and Mail Online investigation have found unscrupulous British hauliers are cheating new tough emission controls with a simple computer hack. Strict

Best new diesels as clean as petrol cars

Mar 08, 2018Comments off

New data from the EQUA Index, powered by Emissions Analytics, shows that a number of diesel cars emit less NOx in the real-world than the

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