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Quicksilver Transport speeds ahead with Northgate Vehicle Hire

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - 11:00
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Michael and Ollie of Quicksilver Transport

Quicksilver Transport, a removals and deliveries company based in High Wycombe, has saved over £7,500 in its first year of working with Northgate Vehicle Hire.

In the midst of a strong economic market, the young and developing transport company found its business was evolving rapidly, which in turn demanded a fleet of reliable vehicles. Northgate’s renowned flexible offering saved the company thousands of pounds, while enabling them to focus on growing its customer base.

Michael Garden, Business Owner of Quicksilver Transport, commented: “When setting up Quicksilver Transport, the logical and most cost-effective solution seemed to be to own and run a small fleet of 3.5t vehicles. However, as the business grew and with the rapid need for more vehicles, purchasing them outright was neither operationally or economically feasible. If I’d considered purchasing that would have meant a cash injection, stripping our business of its cumulative savings. Also, as I would have been purchasing relatively old vehicles, it was likely that maintenance and repair cost would have been inevitable. Then we considered contract hire as an option. However, we deemed it too risky, as should our business slow down, we would be paying for vehicles that we did not need.”

Lotte Harrison, Business Development Manager at Northgate Vehicle Hire, commented: “Our partnership with Quicksilver Transport is a fantastic example of Northgate’s flexible offering and how it helps businesses grow, without the risk that often comes with other acquisition methods. There’s no commitment to a set number of vehicles for a specific time period as customers have the ability to add, remove or change vehicles without penalty, regardless of whether they operate one, one hundred or one thousand vehicles. Quicksilver Transport has already taken advantage of this offering, adding and removing vehicles as and when their business required. The additional benefits that come as part of the flexible vehicle hire offering help businesses stay on the road for longer and, in turn, make more money. It is this service, combined with our extensive vehicle range, that has provided Quicksilver Transport with a financially risk free alternative to purchase and contract hire.”

Northgate, began the partnership with Quicksilver Transport in September 2013 and has saved the company an estimated £7,500 in the first year of working together, thanks to the significant reduction in downtime and labour costs.

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