No tax on display doesn’t mean it can’t be seen

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - 13:12
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Taxing times ahead

Taxing times ahead

Drivers need to be fully aware of the new vehicle tax disc changes that come into effect 1 October 2014 to ensure they stay the right side of the law, warns Mercedes-Benz Vans.

From 1 October 2014, paper tax discs will no longer have to be displayed in a vehicle. Instead, an electronic road tax database will hold the details of the drivers who have paid, and those who haven’t, and will be checked via Automatic Number Plate Readers when on the road.

If there is an existing tax disc in a vehicle which is due to run out after 1 October 2014, it can be removed from show. However, when buying a used van that still has tax lasting beyond October, it can no longer be transferred with the sale – the new owner will need to get their own tax before driving it. The seller can get a refund for any full calendar months left automatically once notification is received on the DVLA vehicle register.

Steve Bridge, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans, said: “Van drivers are some of the busiest on the UK’s roads, but that won’t be an excuse to ignore the tax disc changes that come in to force at the start of October.

“For more than 93 years, taxing a vehicle has been a standard element to driving, and this hasn’t changed. Van drivers must continue to tax their vehicle and they will still receive a renewal reminder. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to £1,000, and that is the last thing that hard-working van drivers need.

“Road tax is already different for van and car drivers, but this paper-less change is the same for everyone. I’d like to see that when the number of non-taxed vehicles on the UK’s roads is released from the DVLA, the number of vans has decreased. Van drivers in the UK can really lead by example here.”


  1. If you want to check if a Vehicle is Taxed JUST go to this sit WILL ALSO tell if it has a current M.O.T Simples !

    As for the Government loosing revenue NO WAY as they are going to FLECE the HONEST MOTERIST AGAIN JUST ABOUT EVERY TIME they change their vehicle buy not refunding the last part of the month they sell AND CHARGE the NEW owner for the same month which they purchase QUIDS IN I BET and that’s without all the printing, paper and post cost THEY WILL ALSO SAVE I believe they could have been a bit fairer to us by making it pro rata.

  2. It’s going to be really annoying if there is a tatty old car dumped in your street and you can’t check if it has a valid tax disc or not.

  3. Still get the feeling that the government is going to loose more money than it is trying to save. For all those vehicles hidden in ‘back streets’ etc that were normally spotted and reported by members of the public or traffic wardens it’s going to a free for all attitude.
    Just recently I had five, yes five vehicles removed from near our depot all spotted by having expired tax dics in the window.
    No amount of ANPR Cameras on main roads are going to replace the naked eye!
    Some conservative estimates are putting the losses due to unpaid revenue as high as £167m which is a small fortune compared with the estimated savings of £10m.
    But no doubt the goverment will find another way of fleecing the motorist to recover these losses.

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