Comment: SMMT UK car production numbers

Friday, October 30, 2020 - 08:01
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A couple of comments and observations arising from the SMMT UK car production numbers published yesterday.

UK Car ProductionCharlie Jardine, Founder and CEO at EO Charging (EO), the electric vehicle charge point and charging software developer, commented: 

“There is a silver lining to September’s UK car production figures – a 37% rise in battery electric vehicles year on year, and it’s encouraging to see EV production bucking the overall trend.

“The high proportion of these cars destined for Europe mirrors a drive for EV sales on the continent. Carmakers have rolled out new models to meet tougher EU restrictions coming into force in 2021 that force car manufacturers to reduce the average emissions from their vehicles to 95g of CO2 per km or face hefty fines. Reports that the UK government is considering a ‘zero-emission vehicle mandate’ similar to the one introduced in California in the 1990s could be a welcome way of stimulating EV sales in the UK too.

“As a provider of EV chargers and software across the UK and Europe, we’ve seen strong demand in recent months from big businesses looking to accelerate their fleet electrification plans. Our sense is that the pandemic has given corporates’ electrification plans a shot in the arm, which can only be good news for spurring on the growth of the whole EV industry and its supply chain.”

Comment from GoCompare: “It’s worrying to see that car production has plummeted 36% since 2019, and the new predictions that factories will make fewer than 885,000 cars this year, making it the first time volumes have been below one million in over 10 years.

“Whilst these are uncertain times for all, it will be interesting to see what happens as Brexit talks continue. We hope there’s more clarity on plans – fast. Car makers have already expressed that the cost of their models could increase based on the outcome of Brexit, which could also increase insurance costs as car parts will become more expensive to get hold of.”

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