Van & truck traffic rise as car miles ...

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Car traffic has increased by a third (32.9%) to 237.5 billion vehicle miles year-on-year, but is down on pre-pandemic levels, according to new data released by

Acklea Ramps Up Sustainability With 7.2t Re...

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Traffic management vehicle specialist Acklea is increasing production of its plastic-bodied 7.2t commercial vehicles as demand for more lightweight, fuel-efficient and lower-emission vehicles increases among

Nearly 1.5 million moving traffic penalties...

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There are a range of ‘moving traffic’ contraventions, which include: using a route restricted to certain type of vehicles (e.g. bus lanes), performing a prohibited

Tailgaters risking lives in ‘avoidable’...

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Millions of drivers leave too little stopping distance when in traffic, study finds

Gridlocked roads will see delays DOUBLE by ...

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Department for Transport report says roads cannot cope with ten million more vehicles

Department for Transport green light £16mi...

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Measures to tackle city's ring road congestion can now begin

Online remarketing great news for environme...

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Remarketing one truck online saves average of 92kg of CO2 and 7.02gallons of fuel

Audi launch new A3 Saloon

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First ever 'three-box' A3 variant priced from £24,275

New CILT President prioritising city-centre...

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Jim Steer believes decongestion is key to economic growth

England’s motorways and ‘A’ road ...

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0.1% more journeys were 'on time' in 2012/13 than in 2011/12