Online remarketing great news for environment, Autorola study shows

Monday, July 1, 2013 - 10:09
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GREEN: Online remarketing good for environment

Opting to remarket a vehicle online vastly reduces its environmental impact, a study by Autorola has found.

Calculations show that by remarketing one truck online, an average of 92kg of CO2, 7.02gallons of fuel and 87.67miles of travelling are saved.

Reduced traffic congestion is a further benefit.

The figures were discovered by Autorola Australia’s sustainability consultants Impact Sustainability, using three months’ worth of data from the business’ current client base.

They also found that by remarketing 100 trucks online, the operator offsets 9.2tonnes of CO2.

Neil Frost, UK Operations Director of Autorola, said: “Whilst the calculations have been made by Autorola Australia, the figures should certainly give us all food for thought.

“The environmental benefits of remarketing just one vehicle online compared to the impact of selling it at a physical auction are quite amazing.

“As online auctioneers, we have been stating the obvious environmental benefits since the company launched including fewer vehicles on the road, reduced congestion, as well as emissions and fuel consumption.

“However, these figures have been precisely calculated and it is sobering to see just how much energy, time, money and resources can be saved simply by remarketing online.”

Image courtesy of BCA, with thanks.