Road Deaths

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Road deaths rise by 7% in 2021

May 26, 2022Comments off

The RAC is urging the Government to consider re-introducing road safety targets, after new figures show a rise in road deaths during 2021. The provisional

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Road victims’ charity backs use of pa...

Feb 15, 2022Comments off

A national road victims’ charity has expressed its support for the use of passive sign posts and lighting columns in the reduction of deaths and

National policing event set to alter public...

Jan 24, 2022Comments off

An event designed to jolt the public into helping to tackle the road death endemic is set to create considerable impact, with half of UK

HGV driver found guilty of causing death by...

Nov 19, 2021Comments off

An HGV driver has been found guilty of causing death by careless driving after he collided with a veteran car that had mistakenly been driven

UK road deaths drop for the first time in e...

Jun 25, 2021Comments off

Good news for the UK as provisional figures, released today, revealed a drop for the first time in eight years. With less traffic we have

New tougher sentences for drivers who kill

Sep 21, 2020Comments off

The Government is set to introduce the option of a life sentence for drivers who kill as a result of speeding, using a mobile phone

Better roads policing needed to prevent inc...

Jul 20, 2020Comments off

A leading police institution has highlighted a ‘clear and pressing’ need for authorities to recognise the importance of roads policing in reducing fatality figures. In

A day without a single road death still the...

Oct 28, 2019Comments off

Nearly half of the countries who participated in Project EDWARD recorded no road deaths on 26 September – although the UK was not one of

Lower drink-driving limit has ‘little eff...

Oct 08, 2018Comments off

The reduction in Scotland’s drink-driving limit has had little effect on the level of deaths and accidents on the nation’s roads, according to a new

GEM urge drives to avoid driving & dri...

Aug 21, 2018Comments off

Road safety & breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist says the recently announced rise in drink-drive road casualties underlines the importance for all drivers and riders