Joblift analyses the impact of Brexit on the automotive industries’ job ads

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 08:35
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It has been everywhere on the news, the impact that Brexit is having on the automotive industry in the UK. At the end of February, Honda announced plans to close its Swindon car plant, which employs 3,500 people, and just the other day Nissan claimed that it is considering scaling back the production shift in the Sunderland plant, putting 400 jobs on the line. From there the news only seems to be getting more dire, with Ford and BMW also set to close plants and cut jobs. Interest peaked, the job search platform Joblift analysed all twenty million online job ads from the last two years to see what was being reflected in the recruitment world for the automotive industry. With the uncertainty of Brexit and the large number of potential job cuts, Joblift expected to see a significant decrease in the number of jobs advertised.

Number of job ads show signs of inflation in automotive industry

Despite the vast number of future job cuts, it is evident that the automotive industry in the UK has not slowed down in trying to attract talent by releasing new job ads. In the last two years alone there have been 133,094 job ads posted, and an average monthly inflation of 1%. This is two times slower than the general labour market, which to compare has had 19,504,902 job ads posted and an average monthly inflation of 3% in the last two years. Even though it is a little behind, it is evident that the automotive industry in the UK is still going strong and shows little sign of slowing, undeterred by the uncertainty of Brexit.

More than six times the number of job ads are located in Bristol

Cities like Bristol, Sunderland and Birmingham have been the big names in the headlines for job cuts, however Joblift’s studies show that people should not leave the automotive sector and these cities anytime soon. Bristol has the largest growth in job ads for the automotive industry by far with a 6% monthly average – six times more than the national average. In Sunderland there is a 4% monthly increase, followed by Dagenham (3%) and Birmingham (1%). Coventry is one of the only cities where the postings for the available positions in the sector have significantly slowed with an average 3% monthly decrease.

Most advertised job roles offers hope for the future 

Joblift’s analysis revealed that vehicle mechanics are the most in-demand role making up 9% of the 133,094 roles advertised in the last 24 months. Other popular professions include customer service manager, ranking second with 5%; repair and maintenance technician (2.5%); and software engineer (2%). Furthermore, a surprising 7% of automotive job ads were advertised as apprenticeships, which may indicate that companies are hopeful for the future of the industry and its growth potential.

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