Grim down South: UK’s grubbiest car locations revealed

Friday, February 28, 2014 - 12:00
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GRUBBY: How often do you wash your car?

Southerners are the dirtiest motorists on the UK’s roads, a survey by IMO Car Wash Group has revealed.

The study, of 1,139 drivers across the country, found 55% of motorists from the South leave it at least a month before cleaning their cars – compared to just 40% in Scotland.

However, drivers in the North are the least concerned about appearance, with just 35% cleaning their car in order to make a good impression.

In total, 49% of UK motorists clean their cars at least once a month – 52% of men, and 44% of women – with 55% preferring to wash their car themselves.

Volkswagen owners are the cleanest in the UK, with six in ten washing their vehicle at least once a month, compared to just one-third of Nissan drivers.

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