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Let FleetPoint make your job easier by putting you in touch with a professional driving licence checking service – for FREE! 

Employing a driver who is not fully qualified to do the job could spell disaster for your company.

With so much at stake, both in terms of reputation and finance, it is vital you do all you can to ensure your employees are driving legally.

You could easily reduce insurance premiums, corporate risk and stress levels by employing a professional licence checking service to take care of the process.

What’s more, you could save a lot of money, long-term, by doing so.

For more FREE information on licence checking services, email sales@fleetpoint.org, or call 01772 440139.

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Licence Bureau Want Quicker, Safer Online Licence Checks
One year on from the abolition of the driver licence paper counterpart, Licence Bureau [...]

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BVRLA Urges Drivers To Prepare For May Bank Holidays
With two bank holidays in May, many drivers may wish to take their vehicles abroad for a [...]

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A look back at the last 7 days of DVLA changes
The past week has been a landmark in the history of the UK driving licence

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BVRLA offer paper counterpart advice to hire customers
Trying to make the switch over as painless as possible

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Happy 80th Birthday to the driving test!
How many attempts did it take before you passed?

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Licence Check

Finch Commercial Insurance Brokers
LICENCECHECK has been providing a high quality Driving Licence Checking and Monitoring Service to businesses since 2004. The online service enables Fleet Managers, HR Departments, Directors and Business Owners to efficiently validate the driving licence records of all who drive on their company business. This low cost service uses ‘LIVE’ DVLA data to allow companies to conduct their licence checks 24/7 through a secure on-line platform. LICENCECHECK protects companies from work related road risk, assists compliance with Duty of Care, Health & Safety and Insurance requirements, and reduces the chance of potential prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act. Visit Our Feature Page