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Save potentially HUGE sums of money on your fleet insurance plan – let FleetPoint put you in touch with an expert, for FREE!Ensuring your fleet is equipped with the best insurance deal possible is one of the most vital aspects of management.With accidents an inevitability with all fleets, it is essential that you are suitably prepared with the insurance that is right for you – so you have no regrets if there is a collision.

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Latest Fleet Insurance News

Van Fleet Managers Urged To Ride The Revolution
The lack of electric vehicle charging points across the UK is reported to be the biggest [...]

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Will Fleet Shares Fall To 78% By 2020?
Arval has announced that it expects the percentage of diesel vehicles on its UK fleet to [...]

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ROI Secures Five-Year Fleet Support Centre Deal
LEADING Automotive B2B specialist agency Return on Investment Ltd (ROI) has secured a [...]

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What Is The Future For Diesel In Corporate Fleets?
Arval, a world leader in the multi-brand full service vehicle leasing industry, shares [...]

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Petro Achieves ISO 9001 And 14001 Certifications
Petro-Canada Lubricants has announced it is the first white oils, speciality base oils [...]

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Finch Group Commercial Insurance Brokers

Finch Commercial Insurance Brokers

For more than 40 years we have been placing fleet insurance business with our panel of insurers.

We understand the demands and needs of the fleet operator; with spiralling costs you need a broker who can think outside of the box.

Our innovative risk management techniques deliver results.

  • An estate agent in London had not reviewed their policy with an alternate broker for more than three years; we were asked to review the cover, and the client’s premium reduced from £50,000 to £25,000.
  • A courier company based in Brighton received a renewal invitation of £56,000; after discussing risk management and having a proactive approach, we were able to bring the premium down to £28,000 and reduce the excess from £1,000 to £500.
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Fleetcover offers a prestige and specialist motor fleet insurance service. We are experts in arranging motor fleet insurance, as part of an overall portfolio of covers or in isolation, as clients recognise our niche expertise. Many of our new clients take advantage of our fleet facility to benefit from our niche expertise, yet maintain a relationship with their local insurance supplier for their non-motor business insurances. We are of course very comfortable with this arrangement. Successful strategic partnerships with underwriters have allowed us to develop our fleet division significantly. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a professional and personal service, including full claims back-up. We act on behalf of clients nationwide, and can provide a complete fleet insurance management package. Our business aims are clear - it's all about providing a high quality service, improving your cover, and saving you money - simple really. Call us today on 0845 224 5329 to talk about commercial fleet insurance and risk management Visit Our Feature Page