Zenith achieving seven day defleet-to-sale time with 1link

Friday, November 15, 2013 - 10:00
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SALE: Zenith hail 1link

A defleet to sale time of seven days is being consistently achieved by Zenith thanks to Epyx’s 1link Disposal Network.

The platform was adopted by Zenith in 2006 and extensive use is made of its facilities, including Trade Sales, Auction Sales, Driver Sales, and Inspections and Recharges.

Mike Burn, Head of Remarketing at Zenith, said 1link Disposal Network is used as the engine for the company’s disposal operations.

“The most important way in which we use 1link Disposal Network is to hold timed auctions online every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,” he said.

“Over time, we have learnt what works best and our approach now is to provide a 48hour viewing window for buyers with nine high quality images of the vehicle.

“A key point is that we set what we consider to be a sensible reserve for the high quality of vehicles on offer and through this approach, we sell around 70-80% of our stock to the trade buyer network.”

Ed Chambers, 1link Account Manager at Epyx, added: “Zenith are a textbook example of what can be achieved using 1link Disposal Network in an intelligent and proactive way.”

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