Software solution launched by Chevin for vehicle pool security problems


KEYS:  Chevin launch new solution

Chevin Fleet Solutions are introducing a new online product to manage vehicle key security and transfer between users.

For fleets that operate pool vehicles, it allows drivers to book a car or van through an online portal.

Once the booking has been approved, a 6-figure code is automatically texted to the driver allowing them to open a compartmentalised locker that stores the keys for their allocated vehicle.

The system also allows keys to be returned.

The module is the latest to be designed for Chevin’s well-established FleetWave fleet management system, which is used by fleets totalling more than 700,000 vehicles worldwide.

Ashley Sowerby, Managing Director at Chevin, said: “This is a module that was developed for a specific customer need by Chevin in the US but which is working so well for the company in question that we have decided to make it generally available to all our users.

“There remain a significant number of fleets that retain pool vehicles and the issue of key allocation is a difficult one, especially if a car or van is needed by an employee outside of normal office hours.

“The module offers a practical, cost effective solution.”

The latest version 2.1 of FleetWave includes more than 50 different modules that cover a wide range of fleet operations.

Chevin’s customers include St Gobain Transport, Bristol City Council, Honda Motor Europe and Marie Stopes International.

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