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Friday, October 20, 2017 - 09:30
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If there was any doubt that the CV Sector is one of the leading areas in the world of automotive technology, then this week’s news is all the proof you need.

The future of freight is on everyone’s agenda at the moment, with both new and established ideas coming to the fore. This week, Toyota has put its long-awaited fuel cell truck into service, while, at the same time engineers in Europe are experimenting with electrified freight using trolley bus-style overhead lines. Both projects represent different approaches to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and helping to improve air quality.

Like many of the people I work with, both at SMMT and in the wider industry, I have been in the automotive industry all my working life, and mainly in the commercial vehicle sector.

One of the people I have worked with is Ian Chisholm, who sadly passed away recently. Ian was most recently CEO of the Society of Operations Engineers or, more familiarly to us, the IRTE. I first met Ian in 2011 when I joined SMMT and we worked closely on a range of issues.

He joined the SOE in 2001 as an Engineering Executive after spending more than 20 years at Waltham Forest College. Appointed as Chief Executive in 2016, Ian was instrumental in building SOE into the influential, thriving organisation it is today.

Ian was what many would call a “top bloke” and he will be sadly missed.

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