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Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 17:20
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It has now been ten years since the launch of the iPhone, a revolutionary piece of technology at the time, but now mainstream. It was also ten years ago that I was heading up a company that supplied the power electronics for EV drive systems.

We struggled to sell them as the market was just too small at that time. However, as demonstrated by the iPhone, there will always be early adopters of new technology.

Although there is a way to go across the wider industry, when it comes to buses, EV and hybrid technology is rapidly becoming the norm thanks to the availability of funding and commitment from manufacturers, operators and local authorities to get this technology on the roads.

How quickly the technology spreads to the wider commercial vehicle market will depend largely on how battery energy density improves. Industry is investing millions to tackle this challenge but there is a limit to the capacity a lithium-ion battery can achieve, which is why our sector is investing millions in R&D to find the next battery technology.

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