Rolec EV introduces new features to public chargepoint network

Monday, June 29, 2020 - 07:36
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After experiencing significant demand during lockdown, the ever growing Rolec EV Charge Online network now benefits from new software updates, a fresh new look and new features, for both chargepoint operators and EV drivers to enjoy.

RolecWith over 4,000 charging points registered and operating via the back office management system, EV drivers can simply locate a chargepoint using their mobile phone, check its status and availability, then simply plug in and recharge without subscription, membership and connection fees. Rolec are adding more and more chargepoints to the network on a daily basis, meeting the demand and requirements of businesses and organisations who are offering EV charging facilities at their premises.

EV Charge Online’s updates provide chargepoint operators with complete control of their charging points via their very own electric vehicle charging network. Chargepoint operators are also able to provide charging via plug and play free-to-use, PAYG and authorised free vend for BiK purposes. Analytics and historical data are accessible for chargepoint operators, enabling them to understand the behaviour and activity of their chargepoints and vehicles. The EV Charge Online back office is both proprietary and OCPP compliant, enabling integration with existing hardware of other manufacturers to join on to the popular EV Charge Online platform.

Suitable for public, private, and fleet charging, the new software updates allow businesses and organisations to opt for more in-depth electrical load management settings, ensuring that total demand of the charging network is controlled efficiently whilst avoiding costly site power upgrades. A VRM input feature has also been added, enabling fleet managers to understand individual vehicle usage despite numerous drivers; true life charging costs can also easily be viewed and/or exported, via CSV or similar, on a vehicle by vehicle basis.

For EV drivers, using EV Charge Online couldn’t be simpler with its secure payment platform, either visit  or download on your iPhone/Android.

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