Ogilvie Fleet Strengthens Rental Operation With Competitive Rates And Excellent Service

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - 15:57
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Ogilvie manager

Ogilvie Fleet has strengthened its daily rental operation as customers increasingly turn to the company for short-term hire solutions.

In recent years Ogilvie Fleet’s short-term hire business led by daily rental manager Ian Bennett has been transformed into a near £3.5 million turnover a year operation.

To support further growth Ogilvie Fleet has now recruited Mike Yardley to the newly created post of daily rental sales manager.

Growth of the daily rental business – a near quadrupling of turnover since Mr Bennet joined in 2013 – means that in the future Ogilvie Fleet is planning to target non-contract hire and leasing customers with its solution.

Furthermore, Ogilvie Fleet has introduced its own fleet of around 130 vehicles – comprising early-terminated leased vehicles from a wide cross-section of makes and models – that enables it to offer customers a flexible lease product: essentially a long-term rental solution with the ability to return a vehicle at any time without penalty.

Ogilvie Fleet operations director Jim Hannah said: “Ian and our daily rental team has been phenomenally successful in building up the business. Ian’s role has to date embraced both operations and sales and the volume of business means we are now at the point where we have recruited a dedicated sales manager.”

Mr Bennett will continue to lead what is a seven-strong team following Mr Yardley’s appointment, but will focus on managing daily rental operations. Meanwhile Ogilvie Fleet expects to further strengthen its dedicated daily rental sales team as future growth demands.

Ogilvie Fleet’s vehicle leasing and fleet management customers look to the company to fulfill a wide cross-section of daily rental demands from its panel of short-term hire suppliers.

They could include:

  • Replacement of a vehicle temporarily off the road
  • Employees not benefitting from a company car requiring a vehicle for a specific journey
  • Vehicle provision for new staff during the completion of a probationary period of employment
  • Employees visiting a UK-based business from sister companies located elsewhere in the world
  • Seasonal demands, particularly for temporary sales staff recruited to launch new products
  • Companies undergoing change perhaps as a result of a takeover or due to a major fleet review and a hold being put on new vehicle orders
  • A company having axed their own pool vehicles due to occupational road risk considerations requiring occasional vehicles
  • As a stop-gap measure for employees between the disposal of their current company car and prior to them taking delivery of their new vehicle.


Underpinning demand is a combination of Ogilvie Fleet being able to offer customers extremely competitive prices on short-term hire cars allied to its multi award-winning customer service.

Mr Hannah said: “We repeatedly hear from customers that they are fed-up with the inconsistent levels of service they receive by going direct to daily rental suppliers. If we encounter vehicle delivery, availability or condition issues with one rental provider we simply move orders to another provider. Additionally, when customers ask if we can help they are delighted to find that our short-term hire quotes are more competitive than they were able to source themselves.

“The daily rental solution we are able to offer is a win-win for both Ogilvie Fleet and our customers.”

Presently Ogilvie Fleet daily rental solution is only available to its contract hire and leasing customers, but it is planned to roll it out as a standalone product following Mr Yardley’s appointment while simultaneously expanding the sales team.

Ogilvie Fleet’s daily rental offering grew some 10 years ago out of customers requiring a short-term vehicle to replace a car or van off-the-road due to an accident or breakdown and no relief vehicle being otherwise available.

Mr Hannah said: “We provided short-term hire as an added value service, but as demand continued to increase we introduced additional resource and launched our own daily rental team. We can facilitate through our product portfolio end-user fleet demands for vehicles from half-a-day to four years.”

He continued: “Each year we have witnessed additional clear demand for the type of daily rental product that Ogilvie Fleet offers so we plan to further expand our customer base.”

Forecasting that the volume of business generated by the daily rental team could reach £5 million within the next two years, Mr Hannah said: “We are confident that demand for our daily rental product will continue to grow and we will strengthen the sales team as required to meet that demand.”

Mr Yardley has joined Ogilvie Fleet from Enterprise Rent-A-Car where he spent seven years having joined on the company’s graduate management training scheme. While there he progressed rapidly up the ranks as assistant manager at Scunthorpe and Hull East branches and manager at Grimsby, Rotherham and Hull West outlets before spending 18 months as business rental sales manager covering North, East and West Yorkshire.

Reporting to Mr Bennet, he said on joining Ogilvie Fleet: “I am an ambitious person and while working for Enterprise was fantastic, the opportunity Ogilvie Fleet has given me to further develop its rental business and grow my own sales team was too good to refuse.

“Short-term rental is already a key product within Ogilvie Fleet’s portfolio for existing customers and the opportunity to promote the solution as a standalone product to fleets across the UK, which may not be familiar with the company, enables me to further enhance my sales ability.”

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