Novadata launch ‘Drive Alive’ training courses for van, lorry, coach and bus drivers

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 15:30
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TRAINER: Su Winch, of Novadata

Essex-based transport training provider Novadata have launched ‘Drive Alive’ – the first of several new training courses aimed at helping commercial vehicle drivers achieve excellence.

The course, which counts as seven hours towards Driver CPC training, addresses some of the essential basics of best practice for professional drivers.

Suitable for either LGV or PCV drivers, it covers driver seating, the principles of vehicle checks, best practice and the principles of fuel efficient driving.

Su Winch, Managing Director of Novadata, said: “At a time when periodic training for professional drivers is now becoming the norm, it seemed right to examine some of the foundations for a long successful career on the road.

“For example, back problems can be an occupational hazard for professional drivers, and it’s a bigger problem than many people realise.

“By addressing this in the Drive Alive course, we aim to help drivers be aware of steps they can take to safeguard their physical wellbeing, keeping them, their cargo or passengers and other road users safer on the road.”

According to the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), 7.5million working days were lost in 2011/12 through work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

These include trouble with the back, upper limbs and neck and lower limbs; one of the major causes is an uncomfortable working position.

Novadata hope to help drivers avoid some of the worst effects of driving for long distances by paying attention to being comfortable and supported.

“Safety and compliance is at the heart of the content on vehicle safety checks, as it is just as important to document the checks as it is to carry them out daily,” added Ms Winch.

“Everyone can benefit from a refresher course on being alert and observant on the road, but if you’re starting out in a new career in professional driving, this is a great way to form good habits from the outset.

“And with constantly rising prices, the wisdom of driving in the most fuel efficient way is obvious to everyone.”

The Drive Alive course is suitable for all professional drivers whether they normally drive a van, lorry, coach, bus or minibus.

Novadata are one of the UK’s leading providers of support items including tachograph accessories, tachograph analysis, course materials, DVDs, and health and safety signage.

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