Incorrect tyre pressures costing NHS Trust £22k-a-year, claim Michelin

Monday, December 9, 2013 - 13:00
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SAVINGS: Yorkshire NHS Trust could save £20k

A Yorkshire NHS Trust could save almost £22,000 per year if all employee vehicles were driven with tyres at the correct pressures, Michelin have discovered.

The revelation was made after the tyre company visited the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to test the pressures and condition of tyres.

Technicians found 15 cars out of 75 tested had at least one tyre ‘dangerously’ or ‘very dangerously’ under-inflated – risking safety and costing thousands in fuel.

If the results from the recent test are indicative of the Trust’s 2,000-strong fleet, Michelin estimate fuel savings of £21,750 could be made each year.

Results from the 75 cars tested showed that 49% of tyres were at the correct pressure – better than the national average of 28%.

Meanwhile, a further 24% of tyres were classed as ‘acceptable’, meaning they were up to 7psi under-inflated.

Leigh Hancock, Fleet Manager at the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Trust, said: “Volkswagen Group Leasing got in touch with us a few months ago with regards to Michelin looking at our fleet and seeing how they could help.

“We are interested in all aspects of health and safety as well as helping the environment, and of course making savings is always important, so we were keen for them to visit.

“The staff were really positive and many more than expected turned up to get their tyres checked on the day.

“We were surprised to hear that only half of the tyres were at the correct pressure – and even more surprised to hear that is much better than the national average!

“Now we know how much of a difference tyre pressure can make we will make a concerted effort to encourage all staff to take action.

“It’s such a simple step but the savings clearly add up.”

Dave Crinson, Head of Fleet at Michelin, added: “We hear a lot in the news about how the NHS is trying to make savings.

“Correcting tyre pressures is a simple task that can save a lot of money, not to mention the hugely positive impact it can have on safety and the environment.

“Our figures show this Trust alone could potentially save almost £22,000 each year.

“Imagine how much the whole NHS could save if all staff paid close attention to their tyres.”