A London Parking Under The Microscope

Friday, September 29, 2017 - 14:30
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Windrush has put Central London parking under the microscope

After a thorough investigation of Central London parking, Windrush has found that you can save thousands and enjoy the ultimate peace of mind by taking your pride and joy to the “Batcave” every day.

No matter the make and model of your car, Windrush charges a flat rate of £395 plus VAT to store it in its Central London facility, with 24/7 availability making it a breeze to move in and out at your convenience. And thanks to that impressive value-for-money price tag, you can actually save thousands of pounds by making a luxury step up.

Windrush is a top-level spa for cars with talented and qualified staff pampering clients’ pride and joy with the utmost care and skill. Not only are cars subject to a full valet and detail service, but they’re also kept in a high-security, dehumidified and climate-controlled environment to ensure conditions are ideal.

Plus, cars are checked daily and benefit from a soft, breathable cover while parked in capacious bays. Around-the-clock security and connection to an automatic battery conditioner adds to the impressive level of pampering.

To park your car in nearby Soho throughout the month, without Windrush’s professional care, you can expect a bill of £587 – almost £200 more expensive than heading to the Batcave. Covent Garden parking prices also reinforce the fantastic value-for-money on offer at Windrush, as a month of parking will cost you £532.

Should you pay for parking monthly over the course of a year, keeping your car at Windrush will save you £1,644 over staying in Covent Garden and a whopping £2,304 over Soho. Such money could go towards family holidays, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and, of course, a new car.

Windrush’s Central London base is far from your average car park, too, so saving such a staggering amount of money every year to get the very best treatment in the business is a true rarity.

Founder and owner of Windrush, Tim Earnshaw, said: “At Windrush, we put our customers first no matter what. People come from all over the country to enjoy our unrivalled surfaces, and offering a fair price is all part of the stellar service. Parking in Central London can be incredibly expensive – in fact, it’s famous for being unaffordable in places – and it’s quite remarkable that you can swap those astronomical bills for the best service in the business and still have change. We treat every car with the same exemplary attention-to-detail, no matter its age or value, and that’s why we have such a committed and satisfied group of clients. We look giving more and more customers the ultimate peace of mind on their car as we expand.”

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