Investors in People Scotland cut travel costs with Enterprise scheme

Monday, February 3, 2014 - 14:00
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CUTS: Investors in People make savings

Investors in People Scotland are enjoying reduced travel costs after replacing mileage reimbursement with car hire.

The organisation claim savings of £1,500 per driver per year are being made thanks to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car scheme, alongside reduced attrition to employees’ cars.

Investors in People Scotland consultants formerly travelled to all parts of the country from their Edinburgh office using their own cars, then recharging the mileage covered.

In some cases, employees were driving more than 15,000miles a year in their own cars, which caused a significant amount of wear and tear.

Under the new scheme, however, employees book vehicles using Enterprise’s online booking tool, giving full control of rentals in real time.

Roz Haughey, Business Growth Co-ordinator for Investors in People Scotland, said: “We could see that our employees wanted an alternative to having to use their own vehicles.

“Even though we offered a good mileage reclaim option, the distances they were covering meant their own vehicles were being run into the ground.

“Daily rental means we have access to a pool of well-maintained, fuel-efficient vehicles at all times at a pre-agreed rate.

“The Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch is also very close to us, which means we can easily rent cars at the last minute if we need to.

“Even though we are only a small business using one or two vehicles at a time, we have already seen the positive impact of using car hire.”

Adrian Bewley, Head of Business Rental for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, added: “Replacing mileage reimbursement with car hire can have an immediate impact on costs, even for small businesses where only a few people need to drive for work.

“Previously, many organisations saw mileage reimbursement as a discrete ‘perk’ and worried that employees would resist any effort to remove the casual income that is possible when you drive your own vehicle.

“Today, as is the case with Investors in People Scotland, employees see that mileage reimbursement places a huge toll on their own cars and affects resale values.

“Instead, daily rental is an easy solution.

“We have branches all over the country and can make sure a vehicle is with the customer very quickly and efficiently, with no parking issues, lower emissions and thorough maintenance.”

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