What Is The Future For Diesel In Corporate Fleets?

Monday, January 29, 2018 - 10:50
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Arval, a world leader in the multi-brand full service vehicle leasing industry, shares its view as an expert on the use of diesel in vehicles fleets. Indeed, Arval is committed to support its customers through a major transition towards a more environmentally friendly energy mix.

In the short-term, diesel remains essential to this transition, currently accounting for two-thirds of car and light commercial vehicle registrations for fleets across Europe.

New alternatives in a transitional energy context

In the context of the 2017 Bonn Conference on Climate Change (COP 23), Arval has taken the opportunity to express its expert opinion about the ongoing diesel shift concern through a white paper: ‘Clearing the air around diesel’. In a changing European political context, Arval has designed this white paper to clarify the current status for diesel in Europe, and also to outline the potential alternatives.

Arval is convinced that in the short-term, diesel remains instrumental in the reduction of CO2 emissions, giving time for manufacturers to make the necessary investment for the production of alternative and affordable vehicles, and for public authorities to develop the required infrastructures. Petrol, and more importantly hybrids, also have an important role to play, as we wait for greater availability of full electric vehicles and the supporting infrastructure. In the meantime, Arval’s experts take a view that in the right circumstances, full electric vehicles can provide a good option.

“It was important for us to make an inventory of energy uses, while the world is experiencing an unprecedented transition in this area” explains Phillipe Bismut, CEO of Arval “This approach is beneficial in supporting our clients towards even more appropriate solutions, but also in bringing a more global reflection on the mobility of tomorrow.”

Arval’s approach is therefore to facilitate the ecological shift for its customers by adapting its processes to ever changing-regulations. In this sense, the leader in multi-brand vehicle leasing is revising its method of calculating Whole Life Costs, including new driver segmentation and driving and location models. Arval is also taking into account new alternatives such as vehicle sharing, which are effective additions to the use of the private car.

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