Driving a company car abroad? Top tips to remember

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 09:30
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Are you on the right side of the road?

Company car drivers could face hefty fines while driving on the continent this summer.

Drivers of a company car may not realise that, although they are not the legal owner of the vehicle, they still have to take documentation to prove they are legally entitled to use the vehicle – when driving in Europe, it is a compulsory requirement to carry with you at all times the original registration document or face penalties if caught.

Fleet management specialist Steve Whitmarsh of Run Your Fleet said: “Many of our customers lease their vehicles, and we highlight the need for the VE103 for driving abroad, as we know that a driver or small business may be unaware of the need. A letter of permission to drive the vehicle from the company is not the same and will not be accepted, leaving the driver liable to on the spot fines or even the risk of having the vehicle impounded – something of a nightmare if you have the family on board!”

Driving requirements differ from country to country so it is worth checking these well in advance of your journey. A full checklist can be found on the Run Your Fleet website but here are some of our top tips:

  • Ensure you have the correct insurance and breakdown cover
  • In many European countries it is compulsory to display a GB sticker
  • Carry a warning triangle and reflective jackets for each occupant, failure to have either can result in on the spot fines of up to 135 Euros. In France reflective jackets must be in the main cabin of the car not in the boot buried under luggage
  • Ensure your headlamps are correctly adjusted
  • In France it is now a legal requirement to carry breathalysers in the cabin of the car
  • In Spain you may also be given an on the spot fine for driving in open backed shoes, such as flip flops, as this is viewed as restricting your control of the car

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