Pullman Fleet Services help in Zambia

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 11:30
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The Pullman and ITC teams

Pullman Fleet Services have donated diagnostics technology to Zambia’s Industrial Training Centre (ITC)

The devide will help to maintain commercial vehicle standards and improve road safety in the country, and is being accompanied by two Pullman colleagues who will work with staff at ITC to train them in repairs, maintenance and vehicle diagnostics.

Graham Hunter, Pullman’s Managing Director, says: “We hope the new multi marque diagnostics device will make a significant difference to how the ITC maintains its fleet of training vehicles; we’re thrilled to be able to provide this technology, which will advance the capabilities of the centre.”

Pullman Service Manager Tony Deus and Workshop Controller Tony Dobbins are training ITC staff on repairs, maintenance and also plan to cover vehicle diagnostics. Associated diagnostics software has also been donated by Eclipse Automotive, Pullman’s diagnostics supplier, meaning the ITC doesn’t have to worry about any licence renewals or updates.

They said: “To be given the opportunity to partner Transaid in delivering advanced vehicle roadworthiness and maintenance training and making a difference to road safety in a developing country is a rewarding venture.”

This marks the second time Pullman colleagues have volunteered to spend their time sharing technical expertise in a developing country. Caroline Barber, Transaid’s Acting Chief Executive, added: “In order for Transaid to keep improving road safety in Africa it is vital that we can call on the support of companies such as Pullman Fleet Services. We are grateful to Pullman for donating their time and skills to develop the expertise of staff at the ITC, which will help improve road safety in Zambia.”

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