Company shuttle services for a COVID safe commute

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 08:42
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Responsible businesses seeking safe and reliable methods of getting staff to workplaces has led to a surge in demand for private shuttle bus services, according to business transport specialist Transport2 where enquiries have shot up 30% in the last month.

COVIDAlthough employees are now urged to work from home to curtail infection growth rates, the nature of many roles makes this impossible. With confidence in public transport still low, the traffic levels at the peak, especially in conurbation areas, could become unbearable.

That is why many sectors – led by retail, distribution, construction and e-commerce – are now taking matters into their own hands and providing a dedicated shuttle service for staff who need to be in the office or cannot work from home.

One company which has established its own service is manufacturing business Spooner Industries based in Ilkley, Yorkshire. It has been able to grow its business following months of COVID-enforced disruption, after partnering with Transport2 to manage transport for staff on the nightshift.

The partnership, in place between early May 2020 and end of September, involved Transport2 providing Spooner Industries with a fully-managed shuttle service for employees who needed to safely travel to and from the factory  each day. Using the service, Spooner Industries staff have been able to save, on average, 88 miles per shared journey that many would have previously spent in cars – equating to more than 8,800* miles in total, and a 32% reduction of CO2 emissions – the equivalent over a full year of planting 35 trees.

This has meant Spooner Industries has been able to maintain production levels during the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst minimising the risk of an infection outbreak amongst its workforce. As Transport2 was able to provide vehicles in a range of sizes, with staff numbers travelling varying by day, this provided staff with the peace of mind that they can commute safely and comfortably, whilst always observing social distancing guidelines.

Transport2 ensured all drivers were equipped with face masks, hand sanitiser was on board for passengers, and all vehicle touchpoints were fully sanitised before and after every journey.

Deborah Goldie, indirect buyer, at Spooner Industries, commented: When managing our staff’s return to work, ensuring they felt safe at all times was our number one priority and, being a manufacturer working in a factory setting, preventing the spread of infection had to be front of mind. We have been extremely impressed with the quality, flexibility and reliability of service provided by Transport2 so far, with their approach to risk assessment, social distancing protocols and safeguarding measures second to none.”

With hundreds of operator partners, drivers and vehicles across the globe, Transport2, a specialist in dedicated shuttles and transfers for businesses, and home-to-school services for the education sector, transports more than two million passengers a year.

Godfrey Ryan, CEO of Kura, said: “After the numerous challenges of the past few months, it is critical that we now do what we can to return to normal. We all have a part to play in getting the economy back on its feet after months of inactivity, and with the right transport measures in place, there is no reason why this should come even slightly at the expense of staff safety.

“We’ve been thrilled to have been able to work so closely with the team at Spooner Industries and show that travelling to and from work in the “new normal” can be safe, comfortable and even an upgrade on what came before. The daily commute has been in serious need of an upgrade for too long now, and building safe, secure alternatives to public transport is the first step towards accomplishing this.”

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