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JCT600 VLS introduces innovative EV/PHEV choice list for Xograph

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 09:53
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JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions (VLS) has helped Xograph, a leading independent medical imaging equipment supplier, to introduce an EV/PHEV choice list into its fleet, offering vehicles in various sizes, range, cost and different brands.

Following a competitive tender, the award-winning vehicle funding and management solutions provider worked with Xograph to shortlist potential electric and plug-in options for its fleet. This included the provision of analysis, industry updates, data on each vehicle and the true costs associated with each option.

JCT600 VLS logoJCT600 VLS provided an objective overview of ICE versus hybrid and electric vehicles along with the pros and cons of each, as well as considerations that needed to be made from both an employer and employee perspective.

As part of the new scheme, Xograph, which is part of the Healthcare 21 Group, offered a more premium list to enhance benefits to its drivers, reduced its carbon footprint and drove colleague engagement.

On the back of its work with Xograph, JCT600 VLS won the work to provide company cars to the entire Healthcare 21 Group. To date, 32 orders have been placed so far.

Lindsay Francis, Customer Service Director at JCT600 VLS, said: “We wanted to ensure that any vehicle on the predetermined choice list was a great offering and benefit to the companies and their drivers. In addition to the potential options, we provided information on government grants, vehicle charging, taxation, and shared experiences of other customers who had already adopted an EV/PHEV choice list.

“The implementation quickly evolved over a period of a few months. Xograph not only went out to its own drivers but extended the offering to its parent company. This meant that 40+ drivers were immediately offered more valuable vehicles, which would drive substantial BIK savings for all of them.”

As well as delivering vehicle funding to Xograph and Healthcare 21, JCT600 VLS also provides complete fleet management solutions including account management with a dedicated team, daily rental support, accident management, driver support via its industry-leading technology software and terms management.

Stacey Wheeler, Office Manager and Executive Assistant at Healthcare 21, said: “After a competitive tender we awarded JCT600 VLS the contract and have not been disappointed. We needed to work quickly to roll out our new scheme to our drivers to get orders placed as quickly as possible, and JCT600 VLS made this process very simple and efficient. JCT600 VLS continually support our drivers and fleet management daily with the upmost level of customer service, response times are quick and they go above and beyond to help in any way they can. I love working with them and I know our drivers won’t be disappointed as deliveries start to happen!”

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