Fleet sector values stay hot

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 11:13
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Selling like hot cakes.

Prices of de-fleeted cars rise again

Auction prices rose again in April 2015, maintaining the year’s trend of consistent value increases in the price of de-fleeted cars.

According to Manheim’s Market Analysis, the organisation’s monthly barometer of market activity, the average de-fleeted car was worth £7,518 in April – £200 (or 2.7%) higher than the previous month.

At £7,518, the average selling price was £392 (or 5.5%) higher in comparison with April 2014, signifying a stronger Q1 overall for the de-fleet sector.

Such a significant upturn in value could be attributed to a shift in the quality of vehicles at auction. The average unit in April 2015 was 50 months old with 59,055 miles on the clock.

Daren Wiseman, valuation services manager at Manheim, commented: “As I outlined in last month’s report, April tends to be an incredibly active month for the de-fleet sector. Although the plate change happens in March, buyers tend to be cautious and wait for the best quality vehicles to roll into the auction hall and that normally happens in April.

“There’s plenty of great stock in the market at the moment, younger and with fewer miles on the clock. The sector should take advantage of this and ensure they’re remarketing strategies are completely up to scratch. We have the buyers and the interest, so the rest of May looks set to be another promising month!”

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