Dashcams for truckers

Are Dashcams vital for the trucking industry?

Friday, March 4, 2022 - 00:29
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How many vehicles are on the roads nowadays without a dashcam? The answer is probably very little! This is because they help improve the safety and security of drivers which, in turn, snowball into further benefits for the drivers, companies, customers, and other road users and civilians.

The number of HGV drivers, especially haulage subcontractors, using dashcams is on the rise for many reasons listed below.

Benefits of Dashcams for the Trucking Industry

Decrease Cost of Insurance Policies

Installing dashcams highlight your level of responsibility and care you have for security to insurance providers. Due to the ability of improving the validity of insurance claims made after traffic incidents, dashcams enable you to become eligible for a discount therefore decreasing the cost of insurance policies and saving you money. This one investment will save you money in the long term.

Less Risk of Expensive Premiums

As mentioned above, dashcams improve the validity of insurance claims made after traffic incidents. This is because both fleet managers and insurance companies are able to view what exactly happened instead of relying on eyewitnesses who may have inaccurate recollections. Dashcams can help exonerate innocent HGV drivers when fraudulent claims are made, reducing the risk of expensive insurance premiums and saving hauliers money.

Significantly Enhances Fleet Security

Some dashcam models on the market remain in standby mode when the vehicle is idle and switch back on when there is movement using motion detection technology. This means if there was ever an attempted break-in, theft or act of vandalism, the dashcam would be able to record it all. The combination of this technology together with fleet tracking, fleets will be completely safe and secure.

Encourage Safe Driving Amongst the Fleet

With the ability to monitor their drivers’ driving habits, fleet managers could use dashcams to their advantage and incentivise safe driving. The safest drivers can be rewarded with something that recognises their good efforts, such as a quarterly bonus.

As well as this, the dashcam footage could be used as training material to encourage safe driving amongst those switching to a career in the haulage industry. Whether you’re showing examples of safe driving or footage which demonstrates mistakes that need to be identified, drivers can learn from real-life experiences and prepare for their driving career.

So, to answer your question, are dashcams vital for the trucking industry? Yes, they are extremely crucial for the HGV drivers to ensure they are always safe and secure on the roads – and they have the added benefit of saving fleets money as well.

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