driver safety


PACTS : ‘Time for action’ on se...

Mar 23, 2020No Comments

A new report is claiming more than a third of people killed in vehicles during 2018 were not wearing a seat belt, higher than official

IAM RoadSmart

Research highlights ‘serious concerns...

Mar 23, 2020No Comments

A new simulator study has found that in-car infotainment systems can impair driving performance to potentially dangerous levels. The study, commissioned by IAM RoadSmart and undertaken by

Roger Bullivant

Roger Bullivant Ltd (RB) gains massive bene...

Mar 19, 2020No Comments

Roger Bullivant Limited (RB), one of the country’s leading piling and foundation engineering specialists, has announced the successful installation of Lightfoot’s award-winning in-cab technology across

Glaucoma: VR simulation shows driver eyesig...

Mar 09, 2020No Comments

Company drivers may be putting themselves, the public, and the business at risk from poor eyesight, without even being aware of an issue, according to

fleet safety

Stronger legislation needed to improve flee...

Mar 09, 2020No Comments

A new report stresses the urgent need to address the number of deaths and injuries caused by vehicles being driven for work purposes and improve


DriveTech supports new 50 by 30 global road...

Mar 03, 2020Comments off

The DriveTech team wholeheartedly supports the new Stockholm Declaration on Road Safety* with its ambition to dramatically reduce road deaths globally between now and 2030.

Middle-lane hoggers

Middle-lane hoggers targeted by vigilante g...

Feb 28, 2020Comments off

“Why are you a middle lane moron?” The question asked by many motorway drivers has now become a prominent feature on a stretch of the

Pertemps Driver Training

PRIM Fleet Standards awards Pertemps Driver...

Jan 29, 2020Comments off

PRIM Fleet Standards, a national road safety accreditation scheme, has appointed a new Ambassador – Pertemps Driver Training. PRIM Fleet Standards works closely with organisations

Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations calls for a sharper focus ...

Jan 24, 2020Comments off

Fleet management specialist Fleet Operations is urging fleet operators to ensure their drivers have regular eyesight tests following new research which shows that thousands of

Shared space

Shared space: Prime Minister urged to stop ...

Jan 20, 2020Comments off

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime minister, is being urged to step in and call a complete halt to shared space road design across the UK.

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