driver safety

smart motorways

Experienced motorists have no trust in smar...

Apr 08, 2021No Comments

A new web poll on smart motorways from the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, has revealed that the majority of respondents (85

Ring Automotive

‘Expel germs and stay safe’ urg...

Apr 08, 2021No Comments

As plans to ease the third UK lockdown begin to formulate, fleet managers are continually looking for ways to be proactive as possible and embrace

road safety

Fleet managers need to prioritise work-rela...

Feb 24, 2021Comments off

Venson Automotive Solutions is urging fleet managers to create a cost-effective fleet road safety strategy that adds value in a post Covid world.  The move

Van drivers

Van drivers risk £5,000 fine for unsecured...

Feb 04, 2021Comments off

Almost a third (29%) of van drivers are risking a fine of up to £5,000 and potentially invalidating their insurance for not safely securing their

young drivers

‘Be the mate who won’t speed’...

Feb 01, 2021Comments off

A new THINK! campaign urges young drivers on essential journeys to ‘be the mate who won’t speed’ to keep themselves and others safe on the


PRIM – Fleet Standards appoints a new roa...

Jan 25, 2021Comments off

PRIM works closely with organisations to recognise them for their commitment to reducing road risk across their fleet. Uniquely, they award organisations of all fleet

Rear end collisions

Rear end collisions down 27% in 2020

Jan 19, 2021Comments off

Rear end collisions fell by a drastic 27% last year, according to analysis by AX of its latest accident data. Although the pandemic meant the overall number

mental health

Ben launches fast-track access to digital m...

Jan 19, 2021Comments off

On Blue Monday, automotive charity Ben launched fast-track access to its digital mental and wellbeing platform, offering immediate support to those in need. On a

driver behaviour

Researchers set out to improve driver behav...

Dec 14, 2020Comments off

A new research project has highlighted a number of ‘subtle changes’ that can nudge road users to behave more safely – without them being aware


Surecam & Peoplesafe launch video-enab...

Dec 04, 2020Comments off

SureCam and Peoplesafe have entered into a strategic partnership to develop an industry-first lone worker service that better protects drivers in and out of the

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