driver safety

Bad driving is still the biggest cause of U...

Nov 12, 2019No Comments

Bad driving is the number one reason for road accidents in the UK, according to research led by telematics supplier Masternaut. The report analysed 192,503,863

Isuzu D-Max saves driver in combine crash

Nov 08, 2019No Comments

A Yorkshire farm manager recently found out just how tough an Isuzu truck can be, when his Isuzu D-Max Blade was involved in a crash

Government acts to close mobile phone looph...

Nov 01, 2019No Comments

The Government has confirmed it will close a legal loophole which has allowed drivers to escape prosecution for hand-held mobile phone use while behind the

Speeding has become the new norm

Oct 28, 2019No Comments

Transport for London has launched a ‘powerful’ new campaign to help tackle unsafe speed across the Capital. The campaign, ‘Watch Your Speed’, is designed to

Let’s go back to 1968 to reduce road acci...

Oct 25, 2019No Comments

Fifty-one-ears ago, the Government conducted a three-year experiment which saved hundreds of lives, by bringing the clocks forward in March 1968 and not turning them

Smart motorways to be reviewed over safety ...

Oct 25, 20191 Comment

Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, announced to MPs* that an urgent review into the safety concerns over smart motorways, and has called for recommendations to be

Post vans in America keep catching fire

Oct 24, 2019No Comments

Alarming news from across the Atlantic as reports of mail trucks catching fire increase. This report from Mail trucks are burning at an alarming

Why being able to read a number plate just ...

Oct 15, 2019Comments off

Road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist says the current eyesight test for drivers is long out of date and not fit for purpose. GEM is

Rainy days ahead

Oct 03, 2019Comments off

UK motorists should prepare for driving in hazardous wet weather conditions advises as October historically marks the start of the wettest months lasting through

What music makes you a worse driver

Sep 19, 2019Comments off

Listening to rock music behind the wheel could make you a worse driver, new research has revealed. Scientists at South China University of Technology have

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