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Patience is key when overtaking cyclists

By Kyle Lindsay
Monday, August 17, 2015 - 17:00

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Chris Green

Motoring.co.uk has been regularly involved in educating motorists and cyclists. The aim is to inform and educate and encourage motorists to display some patience when overtaking cyclists through a series of articles to make the roads safer for both groups.

The Bicycle Association and British Cycling have come together and have produced a film to highlight the amount of space that should be given to cyclists when motorists are overtaking.

Motoring.co.uk’s columnist and cycling guru, Carlton Reid and Olympian Chris Boardman have produced an awareness video to highlight the dangers of cycling on UK roads and to educate motorists on how to overtake in a responsible manner.

The video highlights rule 163 of the Highway Code, which states that motorists should give cyclists (and pedestrians and equestrians) as much space as they would give a motor vehicle when overtaking. YouTube is littered with footage of awful, close overtakes of cyclists (and other vulnerable road users) and this video aims to tackle this.

Sales and Media Director of Motoring.co.uk, Chris Green, speaking on BBC 5Live said: “Our aim at Motoring.co.uk is to inform and educate. The growth in cycling is huge while the infrastructure needs to improve and we all need more education.

“Motorists own bicycles and cyclists own cars, we need to respect each other. The Government should bring back the public information films to help educate the public. Motorists need to display patience when overtaking cyclists, by respecting each other we can all use the roads in harmony.”

Chris Boardman said: “People on bicycles are flesh and blood, they’re mums and dads, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.” He stresses that motorists need to “give them plenty of space when overtaking.

“Cyclists do not ride in a perfect straight line, they have to make slight side to side adjustments in order to stay upright. The space a cyclist takes up while moving is known as the “dynamic envelope”. You should think of this dynamic envelope as an exclusion zone around the cyclist, a zone you must not enter. The dynamic envelope often needs to be stretched, for instance when cyclists have to deviate from their chosen line to avoid imperfections on the road, imperfections that motorists may not even see.”


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  • David says...August 25, 2015 (13:12)

    this seems to be very one sided there are good car drivers out there
    there are also bad cyclists last week I was driving down a road when a cyclist came out off a side road on my left and stopped on my side off the road put his hand up for me to stop I had to slam on the brakes very hard to get stopped a number of cyclists came out of the side road and turned right the one that stopped me put 2 finger in the air and road on
    I know that this has got nothing to do with over taking but I am just trying to point out that cyclists and car drivers need to respect the rules of the road they are there to keep us all safe