New Honda HR-V lands in the UK

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 - 10:00
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Honda’s much anticipated successor to the original crossover, the HR-V, has landed in the UK, with the first shipment having arrived into the Bristol docks.

Due into dealerships at the end of the month, the new HR-V has already generated almost 350 orders without customers having driven, let alone even seen the car in the metal.

With pricing starting at £17,995 or from just £149 a month on PCP with a 30% deposit for the entry-level S grade petrol model, the new HR-V tops out at £24,945 for the flagship EX diesel.

The new HR-V is available at launch with a choice of highly responsive and efficient 120 PS 1.6 litre i-DTEC diesel or 130 PS 1.5 litre i-VTEC petrol engines, both part of Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology series.

Philip Crossman, Managing Director at Honda UK, commented: “The HR-V is back.  These are some fantastic pictures of the new HR-V being driven off the boat having arrived from Mexico and it is only a matter of weeks before we start seeing the car out on the road.”


  1. I agree with Mike & Dave would like to have bought an Accord and don’t think the HR-V
    will suite so a Honda probably wont be my next car either.

  2. I’m on my fourth Accord too. As I can’t see a replacement for it I can’t face buying a german brand. My Accords have taken me over 315,000 miles so far and apart from servicing, tyres, brakes, the sum total parts required for all four cars was one off-side side light bulb and a rear number plate bulb. I’ve pretty well decided my current Accord (which is so good) will just have to be my last car. And I’m not too unhappy about that.

  3. Cant understand why Honda have decided to stop manufacture of the Accord Ive had 4 Accords and they have been so reliable, I will not be looking at purchasing the HRV as my next replacement.
    You have succeeded in driving me to a competitor with great regret.