Greyp partners with blockchain groups on automated vehicle payments

Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 08:57
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Greyp CEO Mate Rimac

Greyp, the high-tech mobility company and maker of electric bikes, announced today it has partnered with two blockchain groups, following its collaboration with T-Mobile, to advance its work on vehicles’ automated payments such as for tolls, rentals and green energy charging.

Greyp partnered with, an IoT company connecting physical devices to the blockchain, and the Energy Web Foundation (EWF), a non-profit organisation applying blockchain in the energy sector, to bring connected mobility applications to users. Greyp will initially focus with its partners on the specific use cases of machine-to-machine (M2M) value transfer, which allows vehicles to pay for tolls and charging, and vehicle access management that facilitates rentals, including with cryptocurrency.

Greyp, which is conducting a digitalised equity offering for retail investors, is backed by Porsche AG and Camel Group and is the sister company of Rimac Automobili, which developed the first true all-electric supercar. Greyp’s connected mobility development with and EWF follows its partnership with T-Mobile whose eSIM technology powers connectivity for its Greyp G6 bike.

Greyp, which has gained prominence as a maker of smart e-bikes, has won numerous industry awards, most recently the Eurobike Award for quality and innovation. The company is currently focused on expanding its platform to support third-party mobility applications as part of CEO Mate Rimac’s vision of a connected future of zero emissions, zero accidents and zero ownership.

Together with and EWF, Greyp earlier this year unveiled proofs of concept of each use case and is now focused on developing them into working projects.

“We envision a network where every vehicle has a digital ‘wallet’ enabling autonomous machines to receive and create payments, both to humans and to other machines,” said Greyp COO, Kresimir Hlede. “This is a big step forward toward realising our vision for a sustainable, connected future. We are excited to be working with and the Energy Web Foundation to achieve this.”

The Greyp platform incorporates blockchain technology, which allows devices on a network to securely “sign” and verify information and transactions without a human or CPU intermediary.

“My vision has always been a holistic one focused on building a truly connected world,” said CEO Mate Rimac. “We are grateful for our support in the bike community. Now, we are taking the next step toward building an integrated network that can support an unlimited array of interoperable, sustainable, smart mobility options. And it is rewarding to collaborate to build this future with such innovative groups as the Energy Web Foundation and”

“Greyp’s vision is closely connected to’s vision – to connect smart devices with blockchain to enable these devices – and in Greyp’s case e-bikes – to use the advantages of this technology like decentralised security or to pay or get paid autonomously and completely without intermediaries. With our Incubed client – the smallest fully verifying blockchain client – we are proud to partner with Greyp to bring blockchain technology to real-life products.” Steffen Kux, Chief Product Officer, said.

EWF’s chief commercial officer Jesse Morris said: “Our mission is for blockchain-based solutions to accelerate a low-carbon, customer-centric electricity future. In the years ahead, we forecast that customers will invest more in the grid than utilities. Electric mobility is a key part of that megatrend. We are proud to partner with Greyp to make it one step closer to reality.”

Greyp’s innovative digitalised equity offering, which allows retail investors to own equity in the company with voting rights for as little as 100 EUR via the Neufund financing platform, was launched earlier this month with the approval of government regulators in the EU.

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