Fuel Duty

fuel duty

Industry calls on Chancellor not to raise f...

Feb 22, 2021Comments off

The haulage industry is stepping up the pressure on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to freeze or cut fuel duty. He is rumoured to be considering a

Hultsteins prepares operators for red diese...

Sep 08, 2020Comments off

Hultsteins, the British and Swedish hydraulic refrigeration & electric hybrid systems manufacturer is advising temperature-controlled operators to seize the initiative and fit an Engine Drive

Response to the Fuel Duty freeze

Oct 04, 2018Comments off

Following prime minister Theresa May’s announcement of the freezing of fuel duty, there have been a couple of responses that take contradictory views. Ashley Barnett,

Fuel prices to be frozen for a ninth year

Oct 03, 2018Comments off

In her end-of-conference speech today, the UK prime minister, Theresa May, is set to announce that Fuel Duty is to be frozen for a ninth

Fuel duty could increase eight pence per li...

Sep 14, 2018Comments off

Analysis by the AA shows that the Chancellor could be primed to increase fuel duty by eight pence per litre, should he wish to fund

Freeze on fuel duty has triggered 4.5 milli...

Jun 01, 2018Comments off

The Government’s seven-year freeze on fuel duty has caused an extra 4.5 million tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide emissions by encouraging people to abandon public

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