dash cam

Dash Cams and the law: What you need to kno...

Jan 23, 2019Comments off

If you have a Dash Cam or thinking of getting one – then there are some rules and regulations you need to know. There are

Nextbase 380GW

Nov 27, 2018Comments off

Nextbase are Europe’s leading Dash Cam brand with a particular focus on video quality and ease of use. A Dash Cam is there to act

Drivers say they would feel safer if all ca...

May 03, 2018Comments off

A quarter (26%) of car owners say they would feel safer on the roads if it was the law for all vehicles to have dash

Pothole Warning Beams Could Save You Cash

Feb 17, 2017Comments off

Costly car repairs could be prevented with the help of an ingenious, crowd‑sourced virtual pothole map, which Ford is researching, with testing due to start

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